5 Best Spray Adhesive For Paper To Make Gazeled Crafts

Do you struggle to use regular glue on paper for its sticky texture? Every time, use the glue, the thick mist makes the paper gooey. 

So, thinking of spray adhesive, that will be easier to apply as much as you require. 

This story isn’t only for you, who run paper crafting, packaging, or paper decoration businesses face the same hassle. 

Hey, forget the struggle, and put a smile on your face. Now we love to introduce you to the 5 best spray adhesive for paper that is easy to apply, versatile, fast dry, and most importantly, won’t make the project sticky. 

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What Are the Best Spray Adhesive For Paper?

Best For Overall: Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive

Best For Wall Stencils: Stencil Ease Adhesive Spray

Best For Large Projects: Krylon All-Purpose Spray Adhesive

Best For Faster Drying: 3M Super 77 Permanent Spray Adhesive

Best For Glitter Paper: Loctite General Performance Spray Adhesive

Best Spray Adhesive For Paper Comparison Table 

Brand It’s Best ForSuitable To BondsBenefits 
Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray AdhesiveBest For OverallPaper,Metal, Fabric, Wood, Foam, Glass, Plastic, and LeatherEasy application with fine mist
Offer permanent bond with fast drying 
Non-yellowing and repositionable  
Stencil Ease Adhesive SprayBest For Wall StencilsPaper, Fabrics, Plastics, Cardboards, Rubber, Glass, Metals,  and Rubbers.Excellent to adhere Wall Stencils on painted walls 
Set paper without flaking, wrinkling, damaging, or leaving gluey residue.
Easy to remove with Mineral spirits
Krylon All-Purpose Spray AdhesiveBest For Large Projects Paper, Wood, Metal, Cardboard Great to use for paper and lightweight materials 
30 minutes drying time helps to use it for bigger projects 
No wrinkle and flaking ensures smooth finishing 
3M Super 77 Permanent Spray AdhesiveBest For Faster DryingPaper, Wood, Leather, Cardboard, Plastic, and Metal, Easy application with non-dimpling glue lines and low VOC
Low soak-in property offer smooth paper fitting
15 seconds to 30 minutes drying time 
Loctite General Performance Spray AdhesiveBest For Glitter paper Paper, Cork, Cloth, Foam, Cardboard, Glass, Foil, and MetalExcellent to use on Porous or non-porous materials
Offer both temporary and permanent bonding
After drying transparent color 
  1. Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive – Best For Overall 

Want a spray adhesive that works just like magic on paper? The gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive is the one that you can use to uplift your paper crafting skills and increase productivity and efficiency. You can make giant paper flowers, Ombre Leaf Wreaths, 3D Paper Stars, and more eye-catching paper decorative crafts with it. 

Easy to apply

The simple spray can come with a wide pad nozzle. So you can get an even application and a fine mist on your working paper. That’s why you are free to get that done no matter your paper’s thickness and what you want to make. Because the adhesive won’t make any wrinkles on your working paper. 

Fast drying

The faster the adhesive dries, the quicker you can go to the next steps of your crafting project. By considering this criterion, gorilla brings its spray adhesive, which takes only 10 minutes to dry, and offers a permanent bond. 

After drying clear color

The finished paper crafts look very odd if the adhesive forms a yellowish color after drying. Oppositely, that’ll look gorgeous if there is no yellow color. The gorilla adhesive is non-yellowing and repositionable. So you can confidently use it for your projects that won’t have visible yellow glue spots.


A multipurpose spray adhesive is a blessing for crafters, as they can use it for multipurpose uses. This adhesive is excellent for bonding paper, metal, fabric, wood, foam, glass, plastic, leather, and many more. The spray adhesive will be worth it if you want to use it for other non-paper projects. 

Meet VOC standards 

VOC means Volatile Organic Compounds that may release ‘off-gas’ in the air for a longer time. But, since this adhesive meets VOC standards, it won’t release harmful gas for human breathing. That means it is also great for human health. 


  • Quality and versatile adhesive for small to large projects
  • It won’t have bubbling or distortion while using 
  • Ensure even and top-notch mist for effortless handling 
  • Fast drying and offer durable bonding 


  • You shouldn’t use it for polyethylene and vinyl materials

Why Should You Buy This Spray Adhesive?

Anybody, even kids, can use this spray adhesive for paper to cardboard to explore crafting. The nice mist, ease to use, fast drying, and permanent bonding are the core reasons to own it.

  1. Stencil Ease Adhesive Spray – Best For Wall Stencils

Most people love to decorate their wall with stencils instead of boring paint. If you are a person in this group, the Stencil Ease Adhesive Spray may be your best match to adhere large pieces of wall stencils on almost all types of walls. 

Smooth application

The even mist of the spray will allow you to apply the adhesive on paper smoothly. It’ll help you set the paper on your desired materials without flaking, wrinkling, damaging, or leaving gluey residue. 

Repositionable bond

It offers a repositionable bond between wall stencils and the wall, even with paint. Besides painted walls, it can also effectively bond stencils on metals, fabrics, plastics, card stocks, and rubber. So that you can easily change the wall stencils as per your taste to bring a new outlook to your bedroom or ballroom. 

Easy to remove

Due to its easy removal feature, you won’t have to struggle to remove the large stencil from the wall. Mineral spirits or oil will work great on the adhesive to release the bond to use it on other surfaces without further adhesive application. So one spray can last longer that is cost economical. 

What to make

This spray adhesive is versatile, and there is no fixed area to use this adhesive. However, it is mainly used to adhere to wall stencils. You can use it to make bookmarks, hang posters, paper roll owls, etc. 


  • Excellent to use for DIY, decorative, and industrial purposes
  • Ensure secure paper position on lightweight materials
  • Offer semi-permanent bonds that are easy to remove
  • Leave no residue after paper removal from the materials. 


  • Initially, it may leave a strong odor, but that’ll disappear over time 

Why Should You Buy This Spray Adhesive?

Installing wall stencils on painted walls to bring an aesthetic outlook is a hard job for most people. You’ll love this spray adhesive to attach the stencils effortlessly and for its repositionable bond. 

  1. Krylon All-Purpose Spray Adhesive – Best For Large Projects 

Bleeding through or peeling the paper when using adhesive to make a paper craft is one of the most challenging hassles for crafters. Packaging business owners who have to attach labels on their product containers also face this hassle. The Krylon All-Purpose Spray Adhesive can help you to overcome it and boost your confidence as a crafter. 

Easy to apply

Like any other spray adhesive, it comes with a simple bottle and a spraying nozzle. You should open the cap and press its top to spray the glue on your expected paper surface. Covering a large area for the adhesive application takes a few seconds. So you can easily use it on bigger paper to ignite your crafting creativity.

Non-wrinkle bond

The smooth application of the spray adhesive ensures a non-wrinkling and efficient bond between paper to paper, paper to wood, paper to cardboard, and many other things. So once the glue dries, the finished crafting items will look stunning and glittering. 

Extended open-tack time 

The fast-drying adhesives are suitable for small crafting projects. But inefficient for large-scale projects, you won’t have enough time to cover the ample space. In this case, the Krylon spray adhesive is excellent for large paper art projects due to its extended open-tack time. 

It takes 30 minutes to dry, so in the meantime, you can spray the adhesive on many times and get time to attach them. Then, keep resting the attached items for 3 hours to completely dry and ready to handle.  


Though the spray adhesive is excellent for all types of lightweight bonding, it is highly flammable. So it is recommended to use the spray in an airy place and far away from heat. 


  • Versatile and efficient for light crafting works
  • Ensure permanent bonding on paper, metal, and wood
  • Concise application and clear drying 
  • Even spray pattern and acid-free 


  • The spray nozzle may clog unless you properly clean it.

Why Should You Buy This Spray Adhesive?

The Krylon Spray Adhesive is excellent for easy application and solid bonds between paper and other light materials. If you have a large paper project in hand, it would be a valid purchase as  best spray adhesive for paper to wood.

  1. 3M Super 77 Permanent Spray Adhesive – Best For Faster Drying

If you are looking for the fastest drying paper spray adhesive for pleasure to use. We recommend the 3M Super 77 Permanent Spray Adhesive, as it takes only less than 1 minute to 30 minutes to dry. Which is the market’s fastest spray glue.

Low soak-in property

Since paper is a soft material, it’ll easily peel and wrinkle. But the low soak-in property of this high quality and solid content will support you in finding the best fit for your paper in the basement. So, you can use the adhesive to make a Paper Ball Garland, Paper Wreath, or other paper crafts without the risk of making a gigantic paper mess. 

Offer higher coverage 

It’s a standard prediction that the faster the drying time of spray glue, the lower the area it can cover. But, when talking about the 3M Super 77, forget this basic concept. Though it dries faster, this competing spray adhesive can offer you the highest area coverage. So you can enjoy a better paper crafting experience with this adhesive. 

Easy to use

You can directly apply the adhesive on the paper without help from other tools. The soft and non-dimpling glue lines will work excellently to fit one paper to another to complete the project. 

Professional grade bond

No matter where you use this adhesive, for crafting as a hobby, or for expanding your business. It ensures industry standards and professional grade bonding between the materials without getting yellow over time. So you’ll be happy to use the adhesive and automatically have a nice smile on your lip to see the final products. 


  • Though the open time is short, adhesion is great
  • Provide long-lasting and permanent bonding
  • Less overspray mist pattern and repositionable
  • The bond won’t be yellow over time and budget friendly price 


  • No heat resistance 

Why Should You Buy This Spray Adhesive?

The low VOC is great for those who are sensitive to chemical smells. Apart from that, simple application, versatility, fast drying, and low mist are worthwhile for satisfying performance. 

  1. Loctite General Performance Spray Adhesive – Best For Glitter paper 

The glitter paper is one of the best components for artwork, kids’ school projects, home or office party enhancements, scrapbooking, and many more. This time we choose the Loctite General Performance Spray Adhesive to explore enchanting glitter paper crafts. 

Simple application

The application process of this spray adhesive is as simple as spraying deodorant on your body. Open the bottle cap, target the glue’s nozzle on your required paper, and press the spray tip. The adhesive will automatically dispense and set on the paper. 


Porous or nonporous, it works effectively on both materials. So that you’ll get a superior bond for your household, automotive, and other paper craftsmanship projects. However, this adhesive offers you temporary or permanent bonding based on your project’s requirements. 

Translucent color 

It takes a few minutes to dry, so you won’t wait for too much to dry the bond and handle crafting items. On top-notch, once the glue dries, the clear and transparent color of the adhesive will amaze you. So the smooth joining texture will ensure the seductive outlook of your paper crafts. 

What to bond and make

This spray adhesive can bond paper to wood, paper to cardboard, fabric to leather, glass, foil, metal, cork, foam, and many more. With this adhesive, you can make glitter notebooks, glitter-dipped candle jars, glitter bottle cap necklaces, paper butterflies, paper succulents, etc. 


  • Right choice for all light paper and glitter paper artwork
  • Even dispense, no wrinkle, and get time for best fit
  • Fast drying, durable bonding, transparent color
  • Before drying easy to remove for wrong bonding


  • Bummed packaging 

Why Should You Buy This Spray Adhesive?

It works great to offer the best bonding on glitter papers, though they have lots of sparkling stones. Moreover, the effortless application method, fast drying time, and non-yellowing finishing color are mind-blowing to get cherished paper crafting.  So you can consider it as the best spray adhesive for paper crafts. 

Buying Guide For Best Spray Adhesive For Paper

When looking for the best spray glue for paper, there are a few things to consider. Such as 

What type of paper will be glued? 

Various crafting papers are used based on their coarse, texture, and flexibility. Some are cardstock construction paper, corrugated cardboard, morguefile, crepe paper, kraft paper, mulberry paper, and origami paper. So, you should clearly know the craft paper you use to bond with spray adhesive. 

What is the bond strength needed? 

The next considerable factor is permanent or temporary bonding strength. One type of adhesive will suit your project if you want a permanent bond. While for removable bonding, a different kind of adhesive will be good. It’s essential to acknowledge your needed bonding strength. 

Do you require acid-free or photo-safe adhesives?

Since paper bonding is a vast area, so all the spray adhesive isn’t acid-free or photo safe. The acid-free and photo-safe spray adhesive is suitable for kids handling and making a photo collage frame. On the other hand, this feature mustn’t be required for large-scale paper projects. 

What are the adhesive application process and drying time?

You are looking for spray adhesive for an easy application process. However, fast drying is also excellent for appropriately bonding the papers. That’s why you have to check the glue application and drying time before choosing the best spray adhesive. 

What about the dry after color?

The glue with transparent and non-yellowing dry after color is the best to hide the join of the crafts. So, the craft looks like one piece of artwork. Our selected all spray adhesives come with a non-yellowing, and transparent color after drying. 

How To Use Spray Adhesive On Paper?

You can use the spray adhesive on paper like a champ by following the below basic, simple, and easy guidelines. Here’s it

  1. First, get ready yourself (wear facemask and hand gloves) and all your belongings (paper, spray adhesive, and other materials that you need) to start. 
  2. Well-ventilated your crafting room by opening the windows and doors. 
  3. It’ll be better to have enough space to spread the paper for bonding comfortably. 
  4. Cover the crafting table with protective clothes not to make it messy. 
  5. Prepare the paper that you want to bond.
  6. Shake the spray adhesive bottle before use. 
  7. Open the adhesive cap, and hold the paper in your left hand.
  8. Evenly and line by line, spray the adhesive on the paper. 
  9. After waiting for a few seconds, set it where you want to bond. 
  10. Use a roller to avoid wrinkles and wait until the adhesive is cured. 
  11. Follow the same process to complete your project. 


How to glue paper without wrinkles?

You should spray a satisfactory amount of adhesive on the paper to avoid excessive mist. After that, wait a few seconds to dry and set the paper where you want it to bond. You can use a roller to put the paper without wrinkles. 

How to glue small pieces of paper?

It’s better to use the spray adhesive on more extensive materials instead of small pieces of paper to bond them. After waiting a few minutes, carefully attach the small pieces of paper to the materials to get a permanent bond. 

What is spray adhesive good for?

Spray adhesive is suitable for bonding to various surfaces, including paper, fabric, plastic, metal, wood, glass, and other materials. So it is mainly used for art and craft projects and mending fabrics and leather furniture. 

It dries quickly, is repositionable, helps with detailed placement, and provides a strong bond. No bleeding through, clear drying, and won’t create wrinkles on paper applications.

Will spray adhesive come off?

Sometimes, the spray adhesive may come off. But it will depend on the specific product used and how you use the glue. So to avoid this hassle, always read the label of your adhesive before use to ensure that it is safe to use on the surface to which it will be applied.

How long does spray glue last?

The most spray adhesive will last approximately 1-2 years after opening. But the exact life of spray glue will depend on how it is used and what it is made of. 

Is spray adhesive permanent?

Yes, and no, both are the right answer to this question. It can be permanent or temporary, depending on the specific product formulation. Some products are designed to be permanent, while others are intended to be quick or removable. Always read the product label to determine the specific adhesive properties of the product before use.

Sum Up 

Ignite your crafting creativity with the best spray adhesive for paper and shape your most appealing paper crafts. It’s also important to allot enough time and patience to handle every project detail carefully. Otherwise, a simple mistake may happen, and that’ll ruin your project.

However, if you want to get our suggestion, Gorilla spray adhesive is our recommendation because of its quality, varsetality, and simple application. 

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