Which Glue Gun Is Best 40w Or 60w

Which Glue Gun Is Best 40w Or 60w? ( Know The Exact Answer)

Are you in a dilemma which glue gun is best 40w or 60w? Don’t worry, mate. Here’s the answer with specific reasons. Invest two minutes in learning more about them.

When there are different wattages, temperatures, and sizes of hot glue guns available on the market, it’s so easy to be misguided. Basically, different hot glue guns are made and used for different purposes. 

So, it’s not about which glue gun is best between 40w and 60w; instead, it’s about what you need and what you want to do with it. Here, we’ll discuss the core differences between 40w and 60w glue guns. 

Later, we’ll review a 40w and a 60w glue gun. So that you can easily determine which one you need and want you can do with that. Let’s get started.

What Is Glue Gun Wattage?

In short, wattage has a great impact on hot glue guns. The more the wattage, the hotter the gun will be, the faster it melts the glue from the stick, and the more time the glue will remain hotter. Even the low or high temp glue gun is determined by wattage rating. 

The 10w, 20w, and 40w glue guns are determined as low-temperature glue guns. Oppositely, the 60w and 100w hot glue guns are determined as high temp hot glue guns.

What Is 40w or Low Temp Glue Gun?

The hot glue gun, which requires 40 watts of electricity and within 2-4 minutes can produce 200°-250°F(93°-120°C) temperature, is called the low temp or 40-watt hot glue gun.

Since all materials can’t withstand high heat, which materials need lower heat to bond, the 40w glue gun is good for them. Even if you use high heat for low heat resistant materials, it’ll ruin your materials and make a mess up.

What Is 60w or High Temp Glue Gun?

A 60w or high temp hot glue gun requires 60 wattages of electricity, needs 2-3 minutes, and can produce 375°-450°F(190°-232°C) temperature to bond metal, ceramic, tile, magnet, and most non-porous materials.

As these materials are more solid, they need high heat to bond. Otherwise, they won’t bond permanently.

Comparison Table of Which Glue Gun Is Best 40w or 60w

Features40 Watt Hot Glue Gun60 Watt Hot Glue Gun
Preheating timeAverage 3-4 minutesAverage 2-3 minutes
Temperature range200°-250°F (93°-121°C)375°-450°F (190°-232°C)
Glue stick Inlet diameter0.28 inches0.43 inches
Voltage120 volts100-240 volts
Risk factorLow risk of burning or damagingHigh risk of burning or damaging
Effective to bondWood, Plastic, Glass, Shell, Brick, Paper, Lace, Cotton, FabricMetal, Wood, Ceramics, Megnet, and no porous materials

This table shows you the fundamental differences between 40w and 60w hot glue guns. But we know it’s pretty tricky for you to determine which is best. 

Hopefully, now you have a clear idea about which glue gun is better for which reasons and for which purposes you can use them. So we think it’s not a bad idea to share a 40w and 60w hot glue gun review. So that, you can easily choose your preferred glue gun with no hassle.

1. MONVICT 40W Fast Heating Glue Gun

The MONVICT 40W hot glue gun is a good choice for small-time crafters. It fits comfortably in your hand, and the smooth trigger action will ensure precise glue drops for tight space application.

Important Information

  • Brand: MONVICT
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Wattage: 40
  • Heat up time: 2-3 Minutes

A complete and safe package 

You can consider this glue gun a complete and safe package for DIY jobs, including repairing broken home utensils to make some new crafts. The package includes a hot glue gun, a plastic base stand with suction cups and silicone mat, a 4’7″ power cord, and 20 transparent and 10 glitter quality non-toxic glue sticks.

That’s why after receiving the gun, you can start gluing your materials with no waste of time and money. 

However, the kickstand and heat-resistant silicone mat will help you safely keep the gun when you don’t use it. As a result, you can use the gun and the crafting materials without making the workstation messy or burning your hand.


Decent quality and design

The gun is entirely designed by keeping in mind your needs and preferences. Its on/off switch is placed in its handle to easily turn the switch on and off depending on your needs. 

Even though there is a green light that indicates its working or not working time. The handle is designed to grab comfortably, and the trigger is quite long to squeeze gently. 

Moreover, the gun’s anti-heat and silk nozzle help prevent the nozzle from burning and dripping the glue precisely. So it won’t waste the glue stick. On top-notch, the three hot mission holes will release the hot air that will keep the gun cool for a long time working.

Fast heating and strong bond

Fast heating directly enhances your productivity and expertise, while slow heating reduces. The gun takes only 2-4 minutes to preheat the gun and melt the glue.

So once you plug in the gun, it will be ready to use in organizing your bonding materials so that you don’t have to wait extra time to get the gun and the materials. That means it helps you from both sides.


There is no limit to using this gun because of its versatility. From simple school projects (making rainbow weaving fishes, birdhouses with recycled juice cartons, airplanes with ice cream sticks, paper lanterns, etc.) to decorating ordinary personal belongings (attaching lace, ribbon to your clothes, making hairband, clips, necklaces, earrings, bracelet, etc.) as a DIY enthusiast.

From home utensils repairing tasks (repairing glasses, headphones, fridge handles, microwave oven, etc.) to commercial use (binding books, exercise books, door and window assembler, packaging, etc.) the MONVICT will satisfy you with its excellent performance.


  • Brand: MONVICT
  • Wattage: 40w
  • Voltage: 100-240V
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Style: Cordless and plugged
  • Cord length: 4’7″ A/C
  • Heating time: 2-3 minutes
  • Glue stick: 0.28″ diameter and 3.9-6.3″ long
  • Dimensions: 6.52L x 6.22W x 2.52H inches
  • Item Weight: 1.1Pounds (13.6 ounces)

User’s experience

When the MONVICT gun is sitting in its holder, the glue does not really drip out of the nozzle. So it ensures the use of 100% of all the glue sticks that are worth every dollar. 

This decent glue gun is good to use for regular home utensils repairing purposes, crafting projects, or decorative items. 

Its silicone mat on the base under the nozzle is a big plus for kids to use it with no extra hassle of putting  a piece of paper under the glue gun to catch the glue that oozes out.

  • With little effort, glue comes out nicely and smoothly
  • Perfect size to grab and precise lines of glue to use in small spaces
  • Its green “IN USE” light is bright enough to see 
  • The glitter glue sticks are maneuvered for decoration.
  • Non-toxic, so no worries about kid handling
  • The gun sits snugly in the stand so that unconsciously you can’t bring it out from the handle with one hand. 


This glue gun is excellent, especially when recording “on the fly” YouTube videos/tutorials! It’s lightweight and fits very comfortably in your hands, so try this decent glue gun for your crafting projects once.

2. Surebonder 60w Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Do you have hand strength issues and have to do your crafting work in a tiny space? There’s always a clutter of items while doing your task because of the tight space. If so, then the Surebonder 60w Cordless Hot Glue Gun will be the best match for you because of its ergonomic design, comfortable gripping size, and lightweight.

Important Information

  • Brand: Surebonder
  • Style: Cordless
  • Cordless Use: 2 Minutes

Excellent Design

At first glance, you will love its ergonomic design with a heating stand, easy squeezing trigger, protective nozzle cover, and non-stick glue pad. That means it is a complete package to take your crafting experience to an advanced level.

You can easily identify its working or not working time because of its on/off switch and the power indicator light.

Corded and cordless

No matter how excellent the design of the gun! If you don’t have the flexibility to use it, that will be a worthless purchase, isn’t it? 

Yes, this glue gun keeps the door open to use it corded or cordless. There are many tight spaces where using a corded glue gun is challenging because the cord limits your flexibility. On the other hand, a cordless glue gun limits its gluing time, which is also a challenge for handling big projects that require extended time gluing. 

So if you have to build your ink pad storage system out of foam core board, you can use it with no cord when the cord keeps getting in the way and you get so frustrated.

Moreover, when you have to bond small pieces of wood, metal, magnet, or stone for your large project, you can easily use it with a cord.

Surebonder Cordless Glue Gun

Easy to use

You don’t have to have prior knowledge about using hot glue guns or know rocket science to use this glue gun. You have to follow two different methods to use it with a cord or no cord. 

To use it with no cord, first, you should enter the glue stick in its glue stick inlet point, turn its switch on, and keep it on the heating stand. It takes only 2 minutes to reach its 380°f temp heat to melt the glue from the stick’s glue. 

Now, grab the gun’s handle and keep its nozzle over the materials you want to bond. After that, gently press the trigger to bead one or two drops of glue. Then press the second material on the first material to dry the glue. Within 24 hours, it will ensure a bond forever.  

To use the gun with a cord, you have to connect the cord connection point and the power source. And the rest of the processes are the same as the first one.

No mess up

Many people, especially novice crafters, tend to make the working space messy with hot glue or even burn the space for glue gun mismanagement. Because they are confused about where to keep the glue gun when concentrating on their project’s bond. 

But, when you have the Surebonder 60w glue gun, forget these immature dealings. It comes with an insulated nozzle and side fins to prevent the glue from overflowing and a non-stick silicone glue pad for backup. As a result, there is no chance of glue wastage and making the space messy.


  • Brand: Surebonder
  • Wattage: 60w
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Style: Cordless and plugged
  • Cord length: 5 feet A/C
  • Heating time: 2 minutes
  • Temperature: 380 F.
  • Glue stick: 0.43″ diameter and 4-10″ long
  • Dimensions: 11.9L x 8.5W x 3.2H inches
  • Item Weight: 0.85 Pounds (13.6 ounces)

User’s experience

The Surebonder 60w hot glue gun is a versatile performer to bond almost all heavy-duty materials, including metal, aluminum, ceramic, wood, tile, etc.

The well-designed trigger offers good tactile feedback to get the right amount of glue that prevents glue wastage. 

It’s good to use on a large time-consuming project and teach your kids or teenagers a safe use of power tools without harming the environment.

  • With little effort, glue comes out nicely and smoothly
  • Fast heating and ensure long-lasting bondage
  • Flexibility to use cordless and corded
  • Comfortable grip for the slippery hand
  • A convenient glue gun makes crafting easy and fast
  • It is cordless but not battery powered 


Your crafty self will appreciate this glue gun for low electric cost but 50% more power, multiple safety features, versatility, and ensuring solid and durable bondage. The easy using system with less hassle will enhance your productivity and efficiency.

So throw out that crappy corded hot glue gun and own this immediately to enjoy happy gluing experiences.


What is the best wattage for a glue gun?

Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to this question because it depends on your requirements. If you have to bond less heat-resistant materials like paper, plastic, fabric, foil, balloon, glass, rubber, and so many other things, a 40-wattage glue gun will be the best fit for you.

Whereas, if you need to bond metal, wood, ceramic, tiles, and other non-porous materials, the 60-wattage glue gun will be the right choice. 

So, first, you have to determine your hot glue using purposes, then choose the gun. Otherwise, there is a high chance of choosing the wrong wattage of the glue gun.

Which is better hot or cold glue gun?

When using a hot glue gun is better for most non-porous materials, the cold glue gun is better for less heat resistant materials. That’s why it’s difficult to tell you which is better between a hot or cold glue gun. So first, you should know your materials and then choose the glue gun.

How to tell if the glue gun is high or low temp?

By reading the glue gun’s watts, and a temperature range from its box or label, you can tell whether it is a high temp or low temp glue gun. 

But what if you don’t have the glue gun beside you? Instead, you notice some drops of old glue lying on your desk or the floor. You can determine the temperature of the glue by observing its color. If the glue color is milky, then it is a low temp glue, and if the glue is transparent colored, it is hot temp glue.

What will happen if I leave a hot glue gun plugged in for too long?

The entire glue will melt and make an unpleasant mess up of your working space. And the power cord of the glue gun will be as hot as fire to make it risky to touch. So you have to be careful when using the hot glue gun and never leave the power cord plugged for a longer time.

Final Verdict: What To Choose between 40w and 60w Hot Glue Gun?

Honestly speaking, we can’t tell you which glue gun is best 40w or 60w; and recommend choosing anyone without knowing your using purposes or materials. Instead, we can just figure out some points. For example

If you want to use the gun for low heat resistant materials that need low heat to bond, you should go with a 40w hot glue gun like Monvict

On the other hand, if your materials are non-porous, can withstand high heat, and need high heat to bond, it’s better to pick a 60w hot glue gun like Surebonder

Now, it’s up to you what you choose. 

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