What Type Of Glue To Use On A Puzzle (4 Formulas)

Do you ever make a 500-piece puzzle and finish gluing it on the frame? 

Red-cheeked. Find everything is ok. Feeling excited and delighted with enthusiasm. 


It’s going to be excellent—just one night. Next day you will show it to your friends. Yay!

Having quinoa and salmon for dinner to celebrate your success. 

But the next morning.

Going to hang the frame on the wall. At that time, all the puzzle pieces are falling apart. Now, they sense nothing. 

What’s the problem? Didn’t you use the right glue on the right frame? 

Maybe not. 

So, what type of glue to use on a puzzle? 

Let’s learn together which glue is alright to make your puzzle dazzle and dance. 

Why Captivating Glued Puzzles Falling Apart? 

Maybe picking suitable glue may not help you succeed in your attempt. As many things are interlinked to smoothly frame your iconic puzzle image. Such as 

  1. Puzzle Materials & Thickness 

Puzzles are a little bit thicker than regular photos or prints. So it’s essential to remember the puzzle’s materials and thickness to choose the suitable glue for framing. 

According to our research, most puzzles are wooden classics and are 6.35mm thick. But the plywood puzzles are around 3.17mm thick. In comparison, modern cardboard puzzles are slightly thinner than wood and plywood. They are typically 0.47mm thick.  

However, on average most puzzles’ thickness ranges from 1.2 to 1.9 mm or 0.625 inches. 

In the paper context, the average thickness of the paper is approximately .0039 inches, which is less than 1mm. 

  1. Frame Materials, Depth & Size

Puzzle frames also have variations in materials and depth. Wood, plastic, and cork are popular opinions. 

In terms of puzzle frame depth, most of these are 1/16 to ⅛ inches. It’s hard to find thicker frames than this depth. 

Besides frame depth, checking the frame size is mandatory to comfortably fit the puzzle pieces into the frame. A 500-piece puzzle will require around a 55cm x 38.5cm frame when the size will be 50cm x70cm for 1000 pieces. 

So, if there was anything wrong in your puzzle frame that may have impacted the glue. And consequently, the puzzles aparted.

You have to focus on these things to choose the right glue for the puzzle and comfortably use it. And here, we describe 4 types of glue that you can use based on your puzzle and frame.

Choose The Right Type Of Glue To Bond A Puzzle

Various types of glue are available, and all of these are worthwhile for their specific use. But some of them can also be irresistible for gluing a puzzle if you can use them on suitable materials. 

Regular Puzzle Glue: MasterPieces Puzzle Glue

White Crafts Glue: Mod Podge Puzzle Saver

Epoxy Resin: Kool Krafts Epoxy Resin

Conserver: Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver

Comparison Table 

Brand It’s Best ForGlue Tyeps Benefits 
MasterPieces Puzzle GlueFor Usual UseRegular Puzzle GlueBeginner friendly
Applicator for easy application
Fast drying and transparent 
Mod Podge Puzzle SaverSolid ChoiceWhite Crafts GlueVersatile and simple application
Acid free and safe
Effective bond and easy to clean 
Kool Krafts Epoxy ResinFor Strongest Bond Epoxy Resin Offer permanent bond
A full package puzzle kits
Non-yellow and clear dries
Ravensburger Puzzle ConserverEasiest To UseConserverEasy to use with sponge applicator
Dries super fast and transparent
Good amount for vast application 
  1. MasterPieces Regular Puzzle Glue – For Usual Use

Puzzle glue is designed keeping in mind to frame the puzzles. So if you are a person who is first trying to glue your favorite places to a puzzle. The masterpieces regular puzzle glue is for you, as it is usually used without having any previous experience. 

Compatible materials

This glue is quite thick and compatible with most puzzle materials, including wood and plywood. So, you won’t need to think about that, yet focus on the puzzle framing. 

Easy to use

The most common issues while gluing are making the surroundings messy and wiping the puzzle. But you can easily use this glue on the puzzle because it won’t get runny and go to other places it shouldn’t. 

Even application

It comes with a streak-free applicator that helps to evenly apply the glue across the puzzle. So you can glue all the cracks to incredibly bond the puzzle on the frame, which won’t come apart. 

Fast drying 

It takes around 8 hours to dry, which is less than any other glue and depends on the thickness of your puzzles. Even it’ll be transparent after drying, bringing a glossy shine to the puzzle. That looks vivid and charming on the wall. 


  • Non-toxic makes it safe even for kids handling 
  • It won’t leave any air bubbles during application 
  • No curling puzzle edges and corners to the frame point
  • No need to buy a paintbrush or other tool 


  • Not recommended below ages 13
  1. Mod Podge Puzzle Saver – Solid Choice

Want to bring your creativity alive with unlimited possibilities and a glowing touch? Here Mod Podge as a white glue can be your ultimate choice, because of its easy application procedure, non-yellowing clear drying, and giving a shiny look to your puzzle like a satin lipstick. 😁


Creative minds are always doing something new, aesthetic, and vibrant. Matching puzzle pieces and framing, creating appliques, decals, and decoupaging glass jars is notable. This mod Podge glue is superb to use in all those cases. So having one bottle of mod Podge is handy to uplift your creativity. 

Easy to use

Though mod Podge is water content, it works well for bonding your puzzle together. Only pouring enough glue on the puzzle and spreading it to fill the cracks is your job. Initially, it looks milky white, but within some hours dries clear. It even allows you to move the puzzle with less concern of breaking them.


A completely acid-free formula makes it non-toxic. It saves your puzzle for framing, mounting, and other decors. So if you wish to hang the puzzle for a long time on your wall, it will be your best bet as there is no risk of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). 

Easy cleaning

No matter who uses this glue for a puzzle, getting it in hand is normal. If they are kids, find it fun. And consequently, you will discover them as ghosts by gluing their hands, faces, and outfits. Fortunately, lukewarm water and soap can clean the glue, which moms really appreciate. 


  • Plenty of glue to bond 3000 pieces of the puzzle 
  • It won’t run and drip during application 
  • Quick drying formula with clear drying 
  • Ensure a smooth and glossy finish to look


  • No applicator comes
  1. Kool Krafts Epoxy Resin – For Strongest Bond 

When puzzles become a way to make lifetime memories, choosing the most durable and robust glue will be your top-notch requirement. In that case, Kool Krafts epoxy resin glue can meet your desire, as the resin and hardener work together to bond the puzzles. So there is no option than permanent bonding. 

Durable bonding 

First, admit it. Working with epoxy resin isn’t easy because you must mix the right amount of resin and hardener. But, if you can successfully do it, it becomes easy to apply to fill the crack or gap of the puzzle surfaces. So, the bond you get from the glue will be stronger than any other puzzle glue. 

Complete package

Are you afraid of reading the first feature? Fret not! It has a complete package of resin, hardener, 20 disposable mixing cups, 25 grams of mica powder, 5 grams each pack with 5 colors, and 20 wooden sticks for stirring.

That means you won’t find it too complex to mix and use. Even the different mica powder colors will open the door to your puzzle’s colorful and eye-catching decorative look. 

Chemical free

BPA or bisphenol A is an industrial chemical, and it’s harmful to the prostate gland of fetuses and the brain. Kool Krafts keeps in mind your health, besides creative artwork bonding. So it is entirely BPA-free and has no VOCs. Even children above 5 years old can confidently use it. 

Clyster clear formula

After drying the glue on the puzzle, the yellowish color makes it gloomy, whereas the clyster’s clear transparent color makes it vivid. This formula of resin glue is anti-yellowing and self-leveling. So after drying, you find the puzzles flawless and thrive. 


  • Easy-to-read measurements cups for mixing the resin and hardener 
  • Nicely blend, won’t curl the puzzle edges, and cure transparent 
  • Versatile and offer professional-grade bonding
  • Reasonable price and unbeatable value for the money 


  • It takes around 24 hours to dry
  1. Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver – Easiest To Use 

If your puzzles are jigsaws from the color Starline or flokati series or Ravensburger standards. Nothing but Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver will be the absolute choice for you, as it looks like spray, but not. It comes with a sponge applicator that makes it easier to use for both kids and adults. 

Vast application 

One bottle of conserver can cover 4000 pieces of puzzles to bond. You can comfortably use it for 500 pieces for 8 puzzles and 1000 pieces for 4 puzzles. That means it is a much more affordable and reliable solution to attach the puzzle. 

Easy to use

Because of its sponge, you won’t need any applicator tools to use the conserver. You have to shake it before use, open the cap and coat the conserver over the puzzles. It won’t create any bubbles while applying and helps you to identify where you apply it and where not. 

Fast drying

One hour, yes, it takes just 1 hour to dry. And after drying, it will be clear that it is excellent for smooth finishing and retaining its brilliant colors. 


  • Fastest and easiest application process with applicator sponge 
  • Dries within one hour and ensure the transparent clear coat 
  • Offer a permanent bond between the puzzles to hang for several months 
  • Great to use for almost all seasons and weather 


  • Low quality puzzle pictures may be worn off

Some Beneficial Tips For Using Glue On A Puzzle 

No matter which puzzle you want to bond, their size, shape, and adhesive methods.  Following some tips may help you snugly bond them. 

  • Use a moderate amount of glue and gently spread them across the puzzle. Don’t be aggressive; it may swell up, fray, or peel the puzzle. 
  • Use something straight edge, like a business card or plastic spatula to evenly distribute the glue. 
  • Allow it enough time to dry and cure. In the meantime, you shouldn’t move the puzzle. 
  • Though most of the glues are non-toxic, using them in a well-ventilated area is better. 


Can you use any glue on a puzzle?

Yes, most glues are great for puzzles as they are generally formulated for bonding pieces together. But to get puzzles’ glossy appearance, it’s wise to use puzzle glue.

Do you glue the front or back of a puzzle?

Yes, you can glue the front or back of a puzzle together without a frame. It’ll ensure excellent stability and prevent them from falling apart. But, for framing the puzzle, the front-side glue application is worthwhile enough. 

Will Elmer’s glue hold a puzzle together?

Yes, Elmer’s glue can hold a puzzle together. It is alcohol-free, non-toxic, kids friendly, and compatible with most puzzles. Many people find it cheaper than any other puzzle glue. 

Sum Up 

Puzzles can fall on a table or in a frame, even anywhere. But, once they are fully intact with effective glue, minimal changes happen.

Here, using the correct type of glue on a puzzle plays a significant role, and you can’t deny it. 

With this content, we try to guide, help and comfort you by getting the glue that fits on your puzzle, finds you easier to apply and brings a captivating look.

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