Kiss Nail Glue Review For Your Strong Nail Bond

Don’t you understand which nail adhesive is perfect for enhancing the beauty of your fingers? No worries, check out this kiss nail glue review to pick your next best nail glue.

It requires time, and patience to do the manicure for looking your nails shiny, gorgeous, and stylish. Here, attaching artificial nails will be the simple solution to avoid this long task. In that case, you need the best quality nail glue to bond the fake nails over your natural nails.

When the market is crowned with a large number of options, it makes you confused. Kiss is a brand name in the beauty industry that brings multiple nail glues by keeping your safety and needs in its mind. 

In this post, we are going to share the Kiss nail glue review by describing its ingredients, using process, removing process, FAQs, etc. This glue will be an excellent alternative to avoid going to a salon and spending a lot of bucks on nail looks. 

So just read the post until the last word. We assure you that every word will provide valuable information about the glue. 

Quick Overview


Kiss maximum speed nail glue is stronger, most effective, easy to use, fast-drying, and extra-long wearing glue. The company used a unique antifungal ingredient to prevent growing fungus when you wear it for a long time.

It comes in a tube that contains 3 grams of glue. The tube has a nice long nozzle to easily apply the glue to your natural nails and fake nails. It needs only 2 drops of glue (1 drop on the natural nail and 1 drop on the fake nail) for each nail’s intense bondage. 

However, there is a nice-looking cap to lock the nozzle after applying the glue. So that you can reuse the glue in the future until it finishes. The cap will protect the glue from clogging due to air entrance. 

On top-notch, it takes just 5 seconds to dry the glue. Once the nails dry, the bondage of natural and fake nails is so intense that they will not come out within 1-2 weeks. No matter how frequently you do heavy activities like cleaning clothes, washing dishes, and taking showers.

If you are a beauty salon owner, you must need the strongest nail glues in bulk to satisfy your customers. You can purchase this glue with colossal numbers without investing too much because the price is very budget-friendly.

Unique Features of Kiss Nail Glue

What products will you need to do a manicure; cuticle pusher,  nail clipper, nail buffer, nail file, and many more. From now, you can add two more things to your manicure kit box or the cosmetics bag. The two things are fake nails and nail adhesive to quickly make your nails ready for a party. 

The nail glue is great to bond artificial nails for nail repair. We will talk about its unique features in this part of our kiss maximum speed nail glue review

  • Ingredients

Kiss maximum speed nail glue Ingredients list is abundant. It is made with Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetone, Panthenol, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed, and Lavandula Angustifolia(Lavender) Oil. Those ingredients make the glue stronger to bond the nails for a long-lasting, and good-looking impression. 

  • Simple Tube Design

The tube is simply designed to apply the glue to the nails easily. The sharp tip ensures the glue application with precise layers and controls the glue dispensing. So that you don’t have to face glue run that makes the nails messy and waste the glue. The topper cap of the tip is really excellent and valuable to keep the glue-free from tube drying. 

  • Easy To Use

Most beginners can not use nail glue precisely because of the tiny surface of natural nails and false nails. But, when you have the best nail glue for tips, it is not a big issue to use it precisely on nails. Its small tube is easy to hold on your wrist, and the tip is perfect for pouring drops of glue on the nails. 

  • Fast Drying

It sets on your nails within 3 seconds, which is superb. That’s why you can complete your two hands nail setting job by spending a few minutes. So when you are in a hurry to be ready for a party, it keeps you tension-free. 

  • Waterproof

The glue is water and heat-resistant. So the nail will not come off when you do your daily household activities, cook food, and come in contact with stove heat, clean dishes, take a bath, etc. 

  • Great glue and work well to keep attaching the broken nail together.
  • This glue holds the fake nails for 1-2 weeks without lifting.
  • It needs one drop for one nail, so one tube last longer.
  • Easy application with precise layers.Easy application with precise layers.
  • It dries super quick, which is excellent.
  • Reasonable price and friendly customer support.
  • It is slightly hard to remove the glue without acetone because of its excellent adhesive properties.

    How To Use Kiss Nail Glue? (6 Easy Steps To Follow)

    You should know the proper process to use the glue to attach the fake nails to get the best results. A step-by-step guide will make the process easier, faster, and hassle-free. You have to arrange some equipment before going to the primary manicure process. 

    How To Use Kiss Nail Glue

    The list of things

    • A set of manicure kits
    • An instant cuticles remover
    • A cuticle removing stick 
    • Alcohol prep pads
    • A set of fake nail
    • Kiss Nail glue
    Step – 1 Prepare Your Nails

    First, properly clean your nails and apply the instant cuticles remover over the nail’s cuticles. Rest the nails for 15 seconds to set the remover and soften the cuticles. 

    Step – 2 Remove The Cuticles

    After that, carefully remove the loosen cuticles with a cuticle removing stick. You will get the stick with the package of nails. Then, cut the extra skin from the nail’s cuticles with a nail clipper and buff them with a nail buffer. 

    Step – 3 Remove Nail Oils

    After buffing the nails, you will see some oils on the nails, and you have to clean the oil. Wipe the nails with an alcohol prep pad to remove the oil. If there is any oil on the nails, the glue will not last long. So you should ensure no oil on the nails.

    Step – 4 Identify The Fake Nails 

    You will get different sizes of fake nails on the package. Maybe all the sizes are not suitable according to your nail size and shape. So you have to identify some nails based on your nail shape and size. You should also choose which nails you wear for which fingers. Because you know our five nails are five different sizes. In addition, you have to select the nail’s color to look the nails pretty after wearing it. 

    Step – 5 Apply Nail Glue

    Now, open the nail glue cap, gently squeeze the tube to bring the glue to the tip. Hold the tube tip side down, and apply the glue on your natural nail and the backside of the fake nail.

    Then, set the artificial nail over your natural nail, slowly press the fake nail for 3 seconds. These 3 seconds are enough to make a strong bond between the natural nail and the false nail. By following this process, attach all the 10 fake nails over your natural nails.

    Step – 6 Buffing The Fake Nail’s Edges

    The last step is buffing the fake nail’s edges to make them smooth. Otherwise, the sharp edge of nails may stretch your skin when doing any work. 

    These are the simple and easy steps to use nail glue. Once you attach the fake nails with the glue, your nails look shiny, stylish, and fabulous for the next 1-2 weeks.

    Some Useful Tips

    The glue may cause skin, eye, or respiratory irritation once it directly gets attached to the skin. If it falls on the skin, immediately wash it with warm water and gently peel the glue. If you wear eye lenses, and the glue enters into your eyes, open the lenses.

    And use the glue in an open and airy space to avoid respiratory irritation. If needed, seek medical advice from the doctors. 

    • Never use it on a damaged or inflamed surrounding skin of nails. 
    • Always keep the glue out of children’s reach. 
    • Always be careful when using it to avoid any kinds of harm.

    How To Remove Kiss Glue On Nails?

    If you force the fake nail to remove, it may break, scratch your natural nail, or cut your finger’s cuticle edges. That is really painful. So you have to follow a proper way to remove them. You can use warm water and oil or warm soapy water to remove them. Or you can use acetone. Here, we show you both of the 2 methods to follow which you like best.

    How To Remove Kiss Nails Without Acetone?

    If you don’t like to use any harsh cleanser to remove the kiss nails, this is the most organic solution. 

    • First, take two cups of warm water and pour them into a large soup bowl. Then add some liquid detergent with the water and string the water to mix the detergent properly. 
    • Soak your nails into the solution for 3-5 minutes to weaken the glue.
    • After that, wipe your hands with a towel to dry them. Now, prickle your left hand one nail’s right edge with your right-hand index finger’s nail. The nail will come off when you prickle as the glue is weakened. 
    • By following the same formula, remove all the nails. Use the right-hand nail to remove left-hand nails and left-hand nails to remove right-hand nails. 
    • When you complete all the nail removing tasks, clean the extra adhesive from the nails with new soapy water and use a gentle moisturizer.

    How Do You Remove Kiss Glue With Acetone?

    If you don’t have the patience to follow the first method, then using acetone glue remover is best for you. It takes only 2 minutes. 

    • First, pour 2-3 tablespoons of acetone into a soup bowl and soak the nails into it. 
    • Wait for some seconds, as it is a chemical agent, so you should not soak the nails for a longer time. 
    • Then, gently push forward your left finger’s nails one after another with your right hand index finger. 
    • Do the same thing to remove right-hand nails. 
    • Lastly, wash your hands with a hand wash and use a moisturizer.


    Don’t press the nails from the corner, backward, or reverse when removing them. All of them are wrong concepts for removing nails. Just push forward, and the nail will come out from itself.


    Is kiss nail glue waterproof?

    Kiss glue is water-resistant, not completely waterproof. It will not come off instantly after using. But, you have to remove the fake nails when you require. In that case, if the glue is waterproof, then it will be harder to remove the fake nails from the natural nails. 

    Is Kiss glue on nails good?

    Yes, the Kiss glue is excellent to use on your nails. By pressing, you can bond both the artificial nails and natural nails. It will not also damage your skin when wearing the nails or create any irritation. 

    How to open Kiss maximum speed nail glue?

    You may find the cap of the kiss glue will tightly attach with the tube. In this situation, take a cotton ball and dump it into the acetone. Squeeze the excess acetone and wipe the lid edges from 360° angles. Wait for 3-4 minutes and twist the cap to unscrew it. 

    Why kiss maximum speed nail glue won’t come out?

    The adhesive may attach to the cap when you first use the glue and store it for future use. You can immerse the cap into the acetone by holding the tube upside down to solve this problem. Or you can soak a pad into the acetone and wipe the lid. Now, keep the tube resting for 3-4 minutes to break the attachment of glue. Then unscrew the cap and use the glue. 

    Does kiss nail glue last?

    Yes, Kiss glue will last 7-14 days with your heavy daily activities. The nails will not come off because of washing dishes, taking a bath, or watering the trees. 

    What kiss nail glue is the best?

    Kiss brings multiple types of nail glues, and among them, Kiss maximum speed nail glue and Kiss Pro’s Choice Precision Nail Glue are the best. 

    How long does kiss nail glue take to dry?

    Kiss nail glue takes 3 seconds to dry. You just need to press on the artificial nail only for 3 seconds, and within this time, the glue will dry and offer your strong bond.


    Before applying any nail glue, it is a must to know every ins and outs. A weak bonding glue can not offer you the long-lasting performance to hold the false nails. So they will come off within a short time.  
    As you read this Kiss nail glue review and user guide, you can now use it confidentially. Because it will be worth your money and time investment to shine your nails and look pretty.

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