Is Super Glue Food Safe

Is Super Glue Food Safe? (Here Is The Best Answer With Alternative)

Is super glue food safe or not? Know the answer before using it to repair food containers and kitchen utensils. Check this post where we disclose the honest answer with logical reasoning.

A few drops of super glue can offer you a solid bond to repair the broken parts of a thing. It is highly effective to use on metal, fabrics, glass, plastics, cardboard, paper, etc.

But, when you want to use it to repair your kitchen utensils, including chopping board, ceramic plates, coffee mugs, wooden spoons, or food containers that directly get attached to food, you have to ensure there is nothing toxic, poisonous, allergenic, or cancerous.

Here a question arises; is super glue food safe?

Super glue’s main ingredient is cyanoacrylate which is toxic and harmful. So super glue is entirely not food-safe. But there are some alternatives. Some super glue doesn’t contain cyanoacrylate; instead used epoxy, which is food safe and valuable to repair food containers and kitchen utensils.

When there is a question of life safety, we know you are not satisfied with this short answer. Here, we will describe every detail and introduce some food-safe adhesive alternatives. Let’s dive into the discussion.

Is Super Glue Food Safe?

Is Super Glue Food Safe After It Dries

Most of the companies used over 70% cyanoacrylate to produce super glue. And cyanoacrylate is derived from a toxic chemical named cyanide. Not only that, FDA doesn’t recommend using this cyanoacrylate to use on the food-grade super glue.

That’s why super glue is not safe to repair food containers and kitchen utensils. Because both of the items will directly or indirectly come into food contacts.

Though super glue has excellent strength, it is not the perfect choice for food-grade containers. But, fortunately, multiple alternative gluing options don’t contain cyanoacrylate. So that you can use that non-toxic glue instead of super glue to keep yourself and your family members safe and healthy.

Is Super Glue Safe For Food After Dries? 

No, super glue is not food safe when it is liquid or dry. Yes, super glue is more penetrating than liquid form. But, that doesn’t mean after drying it becomes food safe. The cyanoacrylate will not be less harmful after drying. It can create allergic reactions or itching once you consume.

What Glue Is Food Safe?

Which glues are produced without cyanoacrylate, they are completely food-safe.

Some food grade glues are generally known as hidden glue, animal glue, or protein glue. Even they are FDA approved and eco-friendly. 

So that as a business owner, you can use these glues to manufacture food containers, candy boxes, stationery items, paper towels, and any more things that directly come in contact with food. 

No matter, you can also use them to repair your everyday household kitchen utensils and ceramic dishes, which is a very cost-effective and proactive approach to avoid buying new products.

Best Food Safe Super Glue For Ceramic

Now, at this point in our discussion, we will talk about some super ceramic glue that is food-safe and provides you with intense bondage.

#1: Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy

Gorilla is a renowned brand in the glue-making industry. Besides producing waterproof super glue, it also created food-safe 2 part epoxy glue to repair ceramic, aluminum, glass, metal, wood, steel, tile, and many more things. It can offer you robust, durable, and permanent attachment to fill gaps between things.


Brand: Gorilla

Compatible Material: Wood, Glass, Ceramic, Metal

Color: Clear

It comes with 2 easy syringes; one contains resin, and the other contains hardener. So that you can easily apply the same amount of resin and hardener on the surface. Even the simple design of the syringe tube will prevent extra dispense of resin and hardener to avoid wastage.

There is a cap on the top of the syringes to use them multiple times. It requires only 5 minutes to set the broken items, including all kitchen utensils and food containers. If you wait for 24 hours, it will be properly cured. But before that, you have to mix the resin and hardener for 20 seconds. It will help to attach the two parts ideally to provide an exclusive bond.

  • Meet your multi-purpose goal and works like a champ
  • Offer you efficient, durable, and permanent bonding
  • The separate syringes make it easy to use
  • Perfect for gap filling repairing
  • Fast settings and potent cure
  • You have to use it in a well-ventilated room 


  • Meet your multi-purpose goal and works like a champ
  • Offer you efficient, durable, and permanent bonding
  • The separate syringes make it easy to use
  • Perfect for gap filling repairing
  • Fast settings and potent cure


  • You have to use it in a well-ventilated room

#2: Silicone RTV 4500 Silicone Sealant

How do you feel when your favorite coffee mug (that your best friend gifted you on your birthday) is cracked? Just disappointing and thinking you can’t keep the gift anymore with you.

Fortunately, Silicone brings food-safe sealant to rejuvenate your sweet memories. This sealant produces sealant that is not toxic and received NSF approval.


Brand: Silco

Compatible Material: Silicone

Color: Clear

That’s why you can rely on this sealant to repair metal, ceramic, glass, aluminum, fiberglass, tiles, steel, plywood, and marble. Here is not the end; you can also use it on countertops, sanitary seals, plumbing, roofing at the time of construction.

It has water resistance, UV stability, and excellent weather ability. So it will be a perfect fit to meet today’s green building standards. It comes with a tube that contains 2.8oz adhesive for easy application.

silicone rtv glue

You just have to squeeze and hold the tube upside down to dispense it on the surface. It requires only a few minutes to cure, and once it heals, it firmly keeps the bond under -35 to 140°F. temperature. That means you can use the repaired things in the oven or stove as it is heat resistant.

  • Versatile use and provide excellent bondage for every weather condition.
  • USDA approved, so the bondage will not crack with ages
  • Waterproof, non-toxic, and food-grade adhesive
  • Non-flammable, easy to use, and fast-drying
  • It will be usable for 2 years from the manufacturing date
  • It smells when wet 

#3: J-B Weld ClearWeld

Our next choice is J-B Weld ClearWeld adhesive to offer you the world’s most strong bondage (3900 PSI strength) between the two parts of things. It comes with two special syringes.The syringes are covered with a resealable cap to prevent the adhesive from drying out to use multiple times.


  • Brand: J-B Weld
  • Compatible With: Wood, Fiberglass, Ceramic, Material, Metal
  • Item Volume: 25 MM

This glue is effectively applicable on most ceramic, plastics, glass, fiberglass, wood, tile, PVC, concrete, and more. The two syringes contain equal parts of epoxy and hardener to mix them in a 1:1 ratio. The package also includes a mixing tray and stir stick.

It takes only 5 minutes to set and 1 hour for a cure. After drying, it will not create any white glue film because of its clear color. As it is food safe so you can use it to fill the cracked gap of your fridge tray holder, ceramic plates, food containers, plastic bottles, and snacks boxes. You can also use it to build food packaging because of its non-toxic ingredients.

  • Ensure superior performance without loosening the bond with ages
  • Easy to apply and sticks immediately
  • It dries clear and provides you shiny look
  • It will not leak because of its unique syringes
  • High temperature and low humidity resistance
  • It needs 24 hours for a complete cure 

#4: PC-Clear Epoxy Adhesive

Protective Coating is the complete form of PC, and since 1954, this company has been involved in producing strong glue and adhesive. Its third generation is still committed to offering you quality solutions to manage your broken items.


  • Brand: PC Products
  • Compatible Material: Wood, Glass, Ceramic, Concrete, Metal
  • Volume: 1 Fluid Ounce

The PC-Clear epoxy adhesive is a liquid form of glue that you can use on ceramic, glass, wood, fabric, metal, and concrete. The tensile strength of this epoxy adhesive is 2300 PSI, so it can offer you an extremely durable bond to repair any cracked and broken parts.

The easy disposable syringes make the tube easy to use, and the resealable cap helps protect the epoxy from drying.

It takes only 4 minutes to set the broken parts together and one hour for a cure. But you have to wait for overnight or a maximum of 24 hours to permanent bondage. After drying, you will notice a transparent color of the adhesive, so nobody can identify whether you use glue or not.

Even this epoxy will be non-toxic once it dries. It is waterproof and works excellent at -20 to +200° f temperature. It is also resistant to mild acids, detergents, salt, gasoline, fuel oil, and caustics. So you can choose this glue undoubtedly to manage your repairing or gluing projects

  • Decent epoxy and offer perfect bond
  • Best-designed dispenser for easy to use
  • Non-toxic, waterproof, and heat resistant
  • Fast setting and minimum drying time
  • Affordable price and reusable
  • It cures slowly but works well

#5: Rhino Glue Pro Kit

Our final food-safe glue is Rhino heavy-duty adhesive because it offers you a solid bond to build or rebuild multiple items. Rhino constructed this glue by obeying the FDA regulations to use it for any kind of food-related products or packaging.

You are free to use it on glass, ceramic, plastics, metals, wood, acrylics, vinyl, rubber, canvas, and so many things.


  • Brand:
  • Compatible Material: Plastic, Metal, Vinyl, Rubber, Glass
  • Item Volume: 65 MM

The simple tube design is easy to use, and the brush helps you paint the glue on the object’s surface to get optimal performance. You need a few drops of glue to attach the broken parts, so one tube will go for many days.

max clr glue

On top-notch, the glue is heat, moisture, shock, and vibration resistant. That means once the glue cures, nothing can break the bond except you willingly push to open the attachment.

However, it takes only 60 seconds to set on the surface, and within 20 minutes, you can use the repaired items. But, you have to wait overnight for complex materials or handle the products.

After drying, its color will be clear; no one can notice that you have used any glue to make the bond. So this Rhino can be one of the right repairing items in your toolbox

  • Maintain FDA regulations when making the glue to make it food safe
  • Offer you a strong, durable, and efficient bond
  • Simple tube design makes it easy to use
  • The ideal choice for food containers and packaging
  • Heat and moisture resistant
  • Slightly expensive

FDA-Approved Glue For Direct Food Contact

Do you want to use a super glue that is FDA approved? We know, you want. FDA, the complete form of this abbreviation is food and drug administration. It is a government authority, and it works to certify human health-related products.

FDA Approved Glue

So the glue which is FDA certified, you can use without any doubt. Let’s see the FDA-approved super glue for direct food contact use.

  • MAX CLR Epoxy Resin System

The Max CLR epoxy resin system glue is the right choice to join any food contact products. For example, if you have to repair a water glass, wooden knife, or chopping board, you can confidently use this glue. You can even attach any seal on the food with the glue.


  • Brand: The Epoxy Experts
  • Material: Wood
  • Full Cure Time: 6 Hours

It comes in two bottles, one bottle holds 32 ounces of resin, and another has 16 ounces of curing agent. It includes one pair of latex gloves, two (4oz) measuring cups, one mixing cup, 2 wood stirrers, and 2 Yorker dispensing caps in the package.

That’s why you can efficiently take the resin and curing agent based on your surface needs. So no wastage of glue. As the glue is chemical resistant, there is no possibility of toxin. It requires 6 hours to cure, so after applying the glue, keep the object resting for 6 hours before using it.

  • FDA approved and direct contact food safe
  • Chemical resistant and offer superior bond
  • Everything is in the package to the best use of the glue
  • The coating is very durable, long-lasting, and sanitizable
  • Efficiently fill the porous surface
  • The resin is very thin

Tips For Using Super Glue

  • It is tough to release super glue from the skin and it creates irritation. So you should wear hand gloves before handling it.
  • Sometimes the wet glue has a bad odor, so it will be great if you use the glue in an open space or well-ventilated room.
  • Before applying the glue, always prepare the surface. Clean the dry dust and oil over the surface to get a strong bond.
  • To store it for future use, properly airtight the tube and use it until the expiry date.
  • Never keep the tube at the reach of children.

What Happens If You Eat Dry Super Glue?

As super glue is made from cyanoacrylate, it is not poisonous, somewhat slightly toxic. You may feel suffocating once you eat dry super glue. You may also feel mucous membrane irritation because the solid super  adhesive will fastly polymerize under the moist environment.

Is Gorilla Super Glue Food Safe & Non-Toxic?

No, Gorilla super glue is not food safe and non-toxic as its main ingredient is cyanoacrylate. The cyanoacrylate fumes will be vaporized because of their monomer and create skin, nose, throat, and lung irritation.

So it is not recommended to repair any products that are directly or indirectly attached to food contacts. But, there is nothing to worry about. The Gorilla brings epoxy types of glue that are food safe.

Is Loctite Super Glue Food Safe?

No, Loctite super glue is not food-safe. Even no super glue is food safe. But, Loctite brings different kinds of superglue, super glue gel, or epoxy type super glue. Though Loctite super glue and super glue gel are not food safe, Loctite epoxy glue is food safe.

Is Krazy Glue Food Safe?

Yes, the instant Krazy glue is non-toxic, FDA approved, and food safe epoxy category gel formatted glue. It is ideal for ceramic, plastic, metal, glass, wood, concrete, rubber, and most other surfaces.

How Does Super Glue Work?

Mainly the super glue works in the presence of moisture. When the cyanoacrylate comes attached to water, its anionic polymerization transforms from liquid to solid. It creates a bond between the two surfaces where you apply the glue. As air has moisture, you have to use the glue in an airy space.


Is super glue safe for dishes?

Super glue is not food-safe, so it is not suggested to use it for dishes that you use to serve food. The cyanoacrylate releases toxins that contaminate your food if you use it for dishes.

Can superglue be used on food containers?

No, you should not use superglue on food containers. It creates cross-contamination when used to repair plastic food containers.

Does super glue eat rubber?

No, super glue doesn’t eat rubber. Even most adhesives offer you an efficient and durable bond on rubber.

Is superglue toxic when heated?

When you heat the superglue, it creates a fume in the air. The fume is toxic, and once you inhale the fume, it can irritate your nose, throat, and lungs. Lung irritation can also result in asthma.

Wrap Up

So now you have overcome your confusion: is super glue food safe or not? Though you are not allowed to use super glue for food-related products, you have plenty of options to fulfill your needs.

You can use superglue for almost everything except food containers and kitchen utensils. And to repair your household food containers, you can rely on our recommended epoxy adhesive.

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