How To Remove Super Glue From Phone Screen

How to Remove Super Glue from Phone Screen (5 Minutes Task)

Though it sounds ridiculously stupid, unfortunately, and mistakenly, I dropped a droplet size of super glue on my Samsung J7 Pro screen top center while shooting a video on Is super glue waterproof. 

It was disappointing and frustrating. However, I managed to remove super glue from my phone screen. 
Shall I share the steps on how to remove super glue from phone screen at home within 5 minutes?

How To Remove Glue From My Phone Screen? 

First, it may seem that removing super glue from a phone screen is daunting. That’s not the case. Let’s explore the steps of removing super glue from the phone screen.

Step 1: Gather the tools

You won’t need too many tools to perform this DIY job. Simple 3 things are enough. Such as

  • Acetone-based nail polish remover
  • A cotton pad
  • A window cleaner (Optional) 
  • A paper napkin

Step 2: Apply Acetone

Soak the cotton pad with acetone and leave it on your mobile screen for 4-5 minutes. During this time, the chemical reactions of acetone will dissolve the superglue. 

Step 3: Rub the cotton pad

Gently rub the soaked cotton pad on the glistening glued area in a circular motion. The super glue broken chunk will come with the cotton pad. 

I could successfully remove super glue from my phone screen on the first attempt. If your phone screen has a large volume of super glue, it may need a second attempt. 

Step 4: Apply window cleaner

Spraying a small amount of window cleaner and wiping the screen with a soft paper towel rejuvenates the screen’s shine as new. 

How To Remove Nail Glue From Phone Screen? 

Damn shit! Dropping kiss nail glue on your brand-new iPhone screen while wearing fake nails. 

Calm down, my friend. Removing nail glue from the phone screen is as simple as boiling an egg for breakfast. 

  • If you notice nail glue on the phone screen as soon as it drops. Let it harden.
  • Damp a cotton ball or pad with Acetone nail polish remover. (Don’t drip the acetone on the screen, as it may run and enter into the charging port or speaker or make a gigantic mess) 
  • Place the soaked cotton pad on the screen’s glued surface and gently press it for 30 seconds. 
  • Leave it there for 2-3 minutes until the glue is dissolved. 
  • Next, wipe the screen with the cotton ball to remove the loose glue. 
  • Clean the screen with soft tissue paper. That’s it.
remove glue from phone screen

How To Remove Super Glue From Phone Case Without Acetone? 

Don’t have a nail polish remover at home right now to remove super glue from the phone case. Thinking about buying…

No need. Many household items (Cooking Oil, Mayonnaise, Toothpaste, etc.) work excellently, removing the super glue from the phone screen. 

Hopefully, you have one on the list. That’s great.

  • Put a few drops of coconut or other cooking oil on a soft, clean, and lint-free cloth. 
  • Leave the cloth on the gluey phone case for 10-15 minutes. 
  • Now, gently rub the screen with the damp cloth.
  • Take another piece of cloth and soak it with soapy water. Squeeze it to remove excess water. 
  • Wipe the screen with a soaked cloth to remove the glued sticky residue and oil’s sticky texture. 
  • Again wipe the screen with a dry cloth to ensure no watery hue.

Can I Use Super Glue On My Phone Screen? 

No, you can’t use superglue on your phone screen. The main ingredient of super glue, cyanoacrylate, won’t work well on a phone screen. More importantly, it may damage the phone screen and make it useless. 

If you strongly need glue for your phone screen, use Cridoz T-7000 Adhesive Glue, specially formulated for cell phone screen repair. 

Sum Up 

Never hustle and bustle while handling super glue, and keep your phone far to avoid this tribble situation. 

However, getting off super glue from the phone screen isn’t a big deal. So there is absolutely nothing to worry about. 

Be smart about using superglue. Have fun, get strong bonds and make exquisite crafts. 

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