How To Remove Glue From Tile Floor (8 Easy Methods)

If you carried out your decorative work on the tile floor instead of using a work platform, there is a high chance of spilling glue on the floor. So, without delay, you have to clean the glue spots from the tile. But, to do that, you should know how to remove glue from tile floor. 

In this tutorial guide, I will share multiple methods to remove tile glue. I’ll also attach a YouTube video to show you one method. So that you can follow any one among them, which you find easier. 

What Dissolves Tile Adhesive

Lukewarm water, white vinegar, baking soda, cooking oil, toothpaste, etc., will be effective to dissolve tile adhesive as homemade solutions. But, for removing large space tile glue, you have to use chemical tile adhesive remover, hammer, and chisel. 

Best Tile Adhesive Remover

Though different chemicals containing adhesive removers are found in the market, you may be confused about what to choose and what not. So let’s know a list of top notch tile adhesive remover.

Goo Gone is one of the trusted brands that bring different sizes of glue remover by keeping in mind your needs. You can choose any size from its line that suits your budget. However, this glue is also effective in removing glue from tiles, glass, plastic, clothes, wood, metal, and many surfaces. 

Though WD-40 is a well-known grease remover in the automotive industry, it is excellent at removing glue from tiles. Interestingly, using this glue dissolver is too easy; just soaking and wiping. It also removes glue stickiness from the tile besides removing. 

If you don’t like any odor after removing glue from tiles, using mineral spirits will be the right option for you. The mineral spirits leave a low odor once you apply them on the surface to remove the glue. Even if you keep the surroundings ventilated, the odor will be minimal. 

This glue removing stuff unbelievably works on most surfaces to clean large-scale tile glue, carpet glue, vinyl flooring glue, etc. It won’t create too much fume while using because of its less than 3% VOC substances. 

Note: You can also collect these floor adhesive removers from eBay, and Walmart. No matter where you buy them and which adhesive dissolver you use, you have to keep them far from kids, pat, heat, and flame. 

As these removers contain chemicals, coming in touch with the eye, nose, tongue, or inhalation may be a health risk. Even if there is high heat around them, they may blast. So you have to be 100% careful while handling them and store them in a 100% safe place. 

Best Tool To Remove Tile Adhesive

You can use a dull butter knife or putty knife for cleaning small amounts of tile glue after using glue dis-solver. But for large room glue removal, you’ll need more powerful tools. Otherwise, you may find the job tedious and time-killing. There are so many different adhesive removing tools available in the market. Let me introduce some of them. 

You should keep a pole scraper in your toolbox as you can use it for removing tile adhesive, wallpaper, silicone, paint, and even tiles. Its handle is covered with rubber to grip it smoothly and comfortably. So there is no chance of generating sweat in your hand while working. Its 3 inches blade and 10 inches long tool is specially made for heavy-duty scraping. 

Having a set of multi-purpose razor scrapers is a blessing in solving your versatile problems. We recommend the Titan tool razor scraper, as its blade is designed by considering professional needs. It comes with two sizes of tools and multiple blades with multiple sizes, so that you can effortlessly use it for your DIY projects. 

A floor scraper is a versatile tool that can remove tiles, tiles adhesive, carpet, etc. It has a long adjustable handle from 3 feet to 6 feet. So that you can comfortably adjust its handle according to the space and your needs, its 8 inches blade will help you cover an ample space with one stroke.

If you already have an electronic power drill machine, buying a wire brush can be the best bet to remove the tile glue. But in that case, you have to carefully check your drill’s diameter and wire brush diameter to set them. The Forney is a heavy-duty wire brush scraper that will fit with any 1/4″ diameter electric drill. 

Now you know which adhesive remover and tools you may need to remove tile floor adhesive. So, it’s high time to discuss the methods of tile glue removal. 

How To Remove Glue From Tile Floor

You can remove glue from the tile floor with hot water and a simple chisel blade. Want to know, how? Here’s the process

The Things You Need

  • Hot water (according to glue condition and space)
  • A chisel blade
  • Sponge


  • Carefully pour hot water on the floor and let the heat soften the glue. 
  • After 2-3 minutes, when the water becomes cool to handle, hold the chisel at a 45° angle and press it against the glue. 
  • Repeat the process until you remove the entire surface glue. 
  • Finally, wipe the space with the sponge to clean removed glue and water. 

How To Remove Sticky Tile Glue From Floor

Do you apply many things to remove sticky tile glue from the floor but fail? It may happen because of using the wrong products and not following the proper steps. Never mind, now I’ll tell you the easiest and smartest way of removing sticky tile glue. 

The Things You Need

  • A broom
  • Goo Gone
  • A razor scraper
  • A clean rag


  • First, make the space clean by sweeping it with a broom. 
  • Apply Goo Gone on the glued surface according to the glue residue and let it work to loosen the glue. 
  • Now scrape the soft glue with the razor scraper until all the glue isn’t removed.
  • Finally, wipe the space with a clean rag and chill! 

How To Remove Super Glue From Floor Tiles

Spilling super glue on the tile floor makes the space messy. So you have to instantly take a step to remove them, to use less elbow grease and effort. Let’s see how to remove super glue from floor.

The Things You Need

  • A dull butter knife
  • Toothpaste
  • An old toothbrush
  • A clean cloth


  • First, remove the dried super glue chunk with the dull butter knife from the tile floor as much as possible. 
  • Now, apply a thin layer of toothpaste on the glue, and rub the toothpaste with the old toothbrush for 2-3 minutes. 
  • When the glue loosens, wipe them with a damp clean cloth.

How To Remove Glue From Tiles On Wall 10

Sometimes, you may find glue residue on your tile wall if there is a kid in the home. Here is the process of removing wall tile adhesive

The Things You Need

  • A few drops of acetone
  • A soft rag
  • Soapy water
  • A clean cloth


  • Spray acetone on the glued area and wait for 10-15 minutes to soften the glue.
  • Now, damp a cloth with soapy water and wipe the space to remove the glue. 
  • Then, again wipe the space with another clean cloth. 

How To Remove Dried Tile Adhesive From Tiles

How-To-Remove-Dried-Tile-Adhesive From-Tiles

Is there heavy-dried tile adhesive on the tile floor? You should use a wire brush and a power drill machine to remove the glue with less effort. Yes, applying commercial-grade adhesive remover is also efficient. However, here I’ll discuss using a power drill and wire brush. 

The Things You Need

  • Safety gears
  • A drilling machine with a wire brush
  • A broom


  • First, wear a facemask, hand gloves, and goggles for your protection. 
  • Attach the wire brush with the power drill machine by following the tool changing guidelines. 
  • Now, connect it with electricity and swiftly rub the brush against the glue to remove.  

Tip: Don’t use the wire brush on one space too much time; it will eat up the top of the floor. Divide the whole floor into some equal sections, start your work. It’ll help you to remove glue from tiles efficiently. 

How To Clean Tile Adhesive Off Tiles Before Grouting

You have to use adhesive to install new tiles on the floor. But, when installing the tiles, the adhesive may fill up the grout. So before drying the tile adhesive, you should clean them to make the grout lines look more lucrative. 

The Things You Need

  • A spray bottle
  • Mineral spirits
  • A sponge
  • Clean rags


  • Carefully fill a spray bottle with mineral spirits and spray it on the grout. 
  • After waiting a few minutes, wipe the gluey grout with a damp sponge when the glue is soft. 
  • Then, rinse the area with soapy water to remove the glue residue. 

How To Remove Glue From Mosaic Tiles

Though mosaic tiles aren’t that popular, some homeowners have them. Removing glue from mosaic tiles isn’t too tricky if you know the price. 

The Things You Need

  • A pole scraper
  • WD 40 
  • Clean rag


  • Apply WD 40 on the affected tiles and let it sit there for a few minutes. 
  • Now, scrape the soft glue with the pole scraper. 
  • Wipe the loosened glue residue with a damp rag. 

How To Remove Tile Adhesive From Porcelain Tiles

Removing tile adhesive from porcelain tiles is so easy with Blue Bear 500 MR Mastic Remover. So let’s see how to use

The Things You Need

  • Blue Bear 500 MR Mastic Remover
  • A floor scraper
  • Clean cloth


  • Apply as much Mastic Remover on the glued floor and wait a few minutes. Don’t be afraid to use more remover, as it has less VOC.
  • Pry away the dissolved glue with the floor scraper until there is no glue residue. 
  • Then, clean the glue residue and leave them in a waste bin

Final Words

So after reading this guide on how to remove glue from tiles, you can efficiently do the job. But, before starting work, you should define the glue residue condition, amount, and method that will be more effective, and get ready with all the things you need. 

This simple strategy will minimize your working time and effort and maximize your efficiency.

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