How To Glue A Puzzle For Framing (8 Steps  To Sparkle Display)

ndeed, it’s fun, interesting, creative, and brainstorming to solve a puzzle. 

Perfectly framing your puzzle makes it stand out. More attractive. More captivative. More persuasive. 

But, how to glue a puzzle for framing that is easy to follow, even kids, and puzzles won’t come apart after gluing?  

Use the right puzzle and framing materials with the right measurement and depth. Glue the puzzle and wait to dry. Put the glued puzzle into the frame and hang it. 

It’s the gist of the entire process. Want to learn step-by-step instructions? Read on…

How To Glue A Puzzle Together For Framing (Easiest Steps)

Knowing a foolproof way to frame a puzzle gives you a concrete concept of the process. It boosts your confidence and enthusiasm to successfully hang it on the wall as a part of interior decoration. 

Note: I have covered the process from beginning to end for beginners. If you have everything and have already solved the puzzle. You can skip 1-3 steps and go through step 4. 

Step 1: Planning & Preparation 

You probably know that effective planning and preparation are half of the battle. It’s also true for puzzle framing. So, first, you have to plan and prepare a tools checklist  that you need for the main task. 

  • Decide the puzzle pieces. (100, 500, 1000 etc)
  • Decide puzzle materials. ( Paperboard, Cardboard, etc.)
  • Decide the puzzle pattern and colors. (Sharp pattern and vivid color that captures your eyes.) 
  • Decide the frame material. (Photo Frame, Wood, Plastic, Cork, Glass, etc.)
  • Decide puzzle frame size. (11×15” for 100 pieces, 18″x24″ for 500 pieces, 26″x 32″ for 1000 pieces)
  • Decide the puzzle glue types. (Regular glue, white glue, etc.)

Step 2: Collect The Materials 

Now it’s time to collect the materials according to your checklist. You’ll find them in your nearest craft and frame shops or order online. No matter where you collect them, you should focus on some factors. 

  • Check the dimensions of the completed puzzle to get an idea about its shape. 
  • Check the photo or puzzle frame’s quality, design, and depth. 
  • Pick the puzzle glue that is easy to apply, fast drying, non-yellowing, and non-toxic. I have already written a separate article on glue types. You can check it here

Step 2: Solve The Puzzle 


Now, you have everything at your fingertips. So the next task is solving the puzzle. Following a systematic way will help you assemble the puzzle and glue them with little effort and energy. 

Here, I describe the method of assembling 500 pieces of a puzzle for beginners. 

  • Look at the original image of the puzzle to engrave it in your brain. 
  • Choose a clean and flat space to solve the puzzle. 
  • Take the puzzle pieces and lay them out on the space. When laying, try to separate the borderline and middle pieces. 
  • When you glue the puzzle, spread an 18″x24″ wax paper. As it is the standard size of a finished 500 pieces puzzle. 
  • Assemble the border pieces first. 
  • Matching the shapes, patterns, and colors solves the puzzle from up to bottom. 

Step 3: Prepare The Puzzle For Gluing

Wow! The finished puzzle looks amazing. But before going to the next step, it’s not a bad idea to have a cup of black coffee to invigorate yourself. 

  • Gently press the puzzles with a rolling pin.  
  • It ensures that each puzzle piece is properly flat. 

Step 4: Glue The Puzzle’s Front Side

Roll your sleeves as it’s time to glue the puzzle. You can wear a face mask to avoid inhaling and hand gloves to avoid gluing your skin. 

If you don’t have a face mask and hand gloves right now. There is nothing to worry about as you have chosen non-toxic glue. Even that won’t last long in skin and is easy to clean. You can check out my complete article with a short video on removing glue on the skin from this link

However, let’s come to the point without crapping. 

  • Pour a good volume of glue into the center of the puzzle. 
  • Evenly spread the glue over the puzzle with an applicator that comes with puzzle glue. If your glue won’t have an applicator. Use a plastic spatula, a business card, or an available sponge. 
  • If you notice some air bubbles while spreading the glue, they will disappear once the glue dries. 
  • Don’t vigorously pull the applicator on the puzzle. As it may peel or swell the puzzle due to over-saturation. 
  • Keep the puzzle resting for 4-8 hours to dry. It’s better if you keep it overnight. 

Step 5: Glue The Back Side

The next morning, you discover the puzzle with a solid structure. As your mission is to frame it, you should glue the back of the puzzle to make it stronger and more stable. 

  • Turn back the puzzle and separate the wax paper with a spatula. 
  • Following step 4, glue the back side of the puzzle and again wait to dry. 

Step 6: Set The Puzzle In The Frame 

Almost 75% of your job is done. The 18″x24″ dimensional photo frame will efficiently adjust your puzzle. You’ll get a clear and aesthetic appearance of your puzzle after hanging.  

  • Open the 4 borderlines of the frame. 
  • Remove the glass and the catalog photo.
  • Set the puzzle on the frame by adjusting length and width. 
  • Carefully and slowly pull the upper side border of the frame. When pulling, keep pushing it to attach inside the grove perfectly. 
  • Once you have done it, take the right border and attach it. 
  • Then attach the left one and finally the bottom border. 

Step 7: Hang The Puzzle 

Your masterpiece is ready to display on your wall. Since you have used a picture frame, it comes with hanging strips. 

  • Select the most eye-contact space on your wall.
  • Drill a hole with a drill machine and drive a nail. 
  • Hang the puzzle and place a matte around it. 

How Much Does It Cost To Frame A Puzzle?

There is no fixed cost of framing a puzzle.  It depends on the number of puzzle pieces, the frame size and materials, and the types of glue. Here I’ll give you an estimated range of the figure. 

Cost Variables Cost Range 
Puzzle $10 – $30 
Puzzle glue$10 – $30 
Photo Frame$30 – $40
Total$50 – $100 


What is the easiest way to frame a puzzle? 

The easiest way to preserve and frame your puzzle is by applying puzzle glue. Though, there is dedicated puzzle glue. But mod Podge is my favorite, considering the use process, drying time, clear, and transparent color. 

Can you frame a puzzle without glueing it?

Yes, you can frame a puzzle without gluing it. For this, you have to set them in a box frame. As the box frame isn’t permanent, you can’t use it for hanging. But, you can use this frame to replace the puzzle, play with them, and again set them. This is a good option for kids. 

Let Your Puzzle Dazzle & Dance In The Frame

Keep solving puzzles and other creative artwork flowing. 

Associate your creativity with your kids, fellow friends, and even parents. Surprise them with an elegant-looking puzzle frame instead of regular paint by others. 

Above all: Have fun! 

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