How To Decoupage On Glass Jars

How To Decoupage On Glass Jars? 5 Steps With Project Photos

Want to learn the easy crafts of how to decoupage on glass jars? Here’s the practical process to make your ordinary glass jar a fantastic art piece.

Usually, when buying groceries, I find many food items that come with glass jars. Once I notice, after eating the food, the glass jar will be useless. But, by following decoupage techniques, it’s possible to change its outlook. That’s why I try decoupage ideas on glass.

First, you have to paint a thin layer of mod podge on the glass jar and back of the paper napkin. Next, place the napkin on the jar without any wrinkles and wait 20-30 minutes to dry. 

To follow the process accurately, it’s essential to know step-by-step instructions. Here I’ll tell you everything with my project’s pictures. Just keep reading.

How To Decoupage With Napkins On Glass? 

Most homemakers like you usually store the glass jars in one corner of the kitchen or keep them in the waste bin. But, if you collect the jars and decoupage, they can be an excellent option to use as a flower vase, make-up brush holder, pen holder, or only as a showpiece to display. 

But you know that when I’m talking about making something new, you will need some tools to complete the process. So let me introduce to you the equipment. 

The thighs you need

  • Mason jar or hanging glass jar
  • Hand-paint image or floral paper napkins
  • Mod podge
  • Paint sponge or paintbrush
  • Scissors

Step 1 – Jar Selection And Preparation 

  • First, you have to select a jar with enough space to decoupage the image. Otherwise, when you place the image on the jar, you can’t do it without wrinkles. Yes, if you like a rough napkin surface instead of plain, then it’s ok. You can choose any glass jar. 
jar selection and preparation
  • Your glass jar must have a label, so try to remove the label from the jar. But you can’t remove the entire label for intense bondage, or there is a glue residue on the jar surface, though you can remove the label. 
  • So it’s better to wash it with soapy water to clean the jar like a mirror. To wash the jar, soak it into soapy water for 5 minutes and then rub it with a soft microfiber cloth. 
  • If you find stubborn glue stains on the jar, you can add 2-3 drops of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and gently rub the ball over the stains. Finally, rinse it with clean water. Then allow it to rest until it completely dries and is ready to use glue. 

Step 2 – Image Preparation

image preparation
  • It’s entirely up to your taste and preferences what kind of image you attach to the jar. There are no hard and fast rules. As I like handmade paper images, that’s why I draw and color a rose to use for decoupage. 
  • But if you don’t like handmade paper images, you can use napkins for decoupage based on their shape and size. I’ll suggest using floral napkins that look excellent on the jar. 
  • After selecting the images, you have to cut them with crafting scissors carefully. Because the napkins are too soft so harsh handling can tear them. It will be a wise idea to outline the images before trimming. It will lessen the image tearing chance. 
  • By following the technique, get ready how many images you want to attach to the glass jar. 

Step – 3 Workplace Preparation And Image Positioning

image positioning
  • As the glue is sticky and makes the surface messy, it’s better to cover the space with grease-proof or parchment paper to avoid this mishap. But, if you don’t have any parchment paper right now at your home, no worries. 
  • Spread a newspaper or any other wide paper on the surface. I use the 2021 calendar, as I don’t need it anymore. But in this case, you have to be careful not to drop any glue on the paper. Because the paper is a sticky material, and once it comes attached to the glue, it will stick to your glass jar that can ruin your project.  
  • Before permanently attaching the images, it will be great to select the images’ positions roughly. Observe how the jar will look the best by arranging and rearranging the images. 

Step – 4  Mod Podge Application 

mod podge application
  • You can use the matte to matte mod podge for a glossy finish. You can even use your homemade mod podge for this purpose. You can check how to make homemade mod podge to learn the recipe. 
  • Take the paint brush or sponge brush and soak it into the mod podge container. Press it with the container edge to remove excess glue, and smoothly paint one thin coat on the jar according to your image size. 
  • Now, it’s time to apply the glue layer on the backside of the image. The glue coating must be very thin; otherwise, the image may tear out from overwetting. 

Step – 5 Image Attachment

image attachment
  • Now, place your image on the jar where you have coated glue earlier. After placing the image, gently press it to ensure its accuracy. Once you have done one, do the same thing for the next piece of the image. (if you want to decoupage multiple images.)
  • The glue is wet when you use the mod podge. So you should wait at least one hour to dry it. However, the time may vary depending on your glue thickness. However, if you notice any air bubbles forming when drying the glue, pop the bubbles with a safety pin

How To Decoupage On Glass Bottles?

Besides glass jars, you can also decoupage the glass bottles, and the process is very simple. Let’s see how to decoupage on glass bottles with napkins

  • First, wear plastic hand gloves to protect your hand from the glue. 
  • Now, coat a layer of Matt Emulsion paint to the glass bottle.  
  • Let the paint dry and make the napkins ready. 
  • After that, place the napkin on the bottle and brush the mod podge over the napkin to attach it to the bottle. 
  • Allow it some hours to dry. 
  • Next, add an equal amount of paint and water to make liquid paint.
  • Then, place a piece of paper on the napkin to cover it. (You should take the paper size according to the napkins size.)
  • Dip the paintbrush into the liquid paint and flick the brush around the bottle. 
  • Some drops of paint will fall on the bottle and make an excellent design. 
  • Keep resting the bottle for 1 hour to dry. 
  • Coat the bottle with one layer of varnish paint to make it glossy and protect it from dust.  

To see the tutorial check this YouTube video.


Does modge podge dry clear on glass? 

Yes, if you wait for 15-20 minutes after application, the modge podge will dry and clear on glass. 

Can you decoupage straight onto glass?

Yes, you can directly decoupage paper napkins, tissue paper, white paper art pieces, photos, and many more things on glass. 

How do you seal decoupage on glass?

You can apply a layer of topcoat on the image to seal the decoupage on glass. But in that case, you have to ensure that you won’t use overlaps of glue around the images. However, if your glue works as adhesive and sealant, there is no need to apply a separate sealant.

Final Verdict

Now you know how to decoupage on glass jars. Though you have to follow some steps to complete the task, they are effortless. 

Imagine how lucrative your jar will look after decoupage, and I hope only this imagination will inspire you to do it. 

We are eagerly waiting to know your decoupage experience. Leave a comment and share your experience. It’ll inspire me to share my new DIY work experiment with you.

Happy crafting!

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