How Much Weight Can Super Glue Hold

How Much Weight Can Super Glue Hold? (Proven Answer)

Super glue is formulated with extensive power to unbreakable bond versatile materials and hold several tons of weight. But companies including Gorilla, Loctite, and Krazy claim different weight levels. However, super glue can hold an average 1-ton car to 9-ton lorry, and they prove that with videos. 

How Many Pounds Can Super Glue Hold?

Krazy super glue claims on its about us page that it can hold 1000 pounds per square inch. Gorilla super glue claims to hold 30 pounds, and Loctite claims over 1 ton. 

How Much Weight Can Gorilla Super Glue Hold?

Gorilla successfully experimented and proved that the Gorilla super glue could hold a 3 ton car. Check this video to explore it. 

How Much Weight Can Loctite Super Glue Hold?

How-Much-Weight-Can-Loctite-Super -Glue-Hold

Loctite produces the strongest super glue in the market. It claims with this commercial advertisement that Loctite super glue can lift an 8 tons Lorry with just 9 drops. 

How Much PSI Can Super Glue Hold?

Any super glue from Krazy or Loctite can hold up to 4000 PSI based on the bonding material. But, Gorilla super glue can offer 4250 PSI in 10 minutes of bonding. 

Let’s have a chart on different glue psi strengths on different substrates at 72°f temperature and 72 hours of bonding. 

SubstratesPSI N/mm^2
Aluminum (etched)290-16002 -11
Steel (grit blasted)2500-350017-24
Sink Dichromate 70-2900.5-2
ABC 1000-13007-9
PVC 1000-20007-16
Phenolic 150-7301-5
Neoprene 150-2901-2
Rubber, Nitrile 150-2901-2

How Long Will Super Glue Hold?


How long your super glue will hold depends on some factors. Such as

  • What are you gluing together?
  • How well do you fit the parts together?
  • What is the moisture level of the environment? Etc. Etc. Etc. 

However, if you can efficiently use the glue on your materials that are dry & clean and give it time to cure properly, in most cases, every super glue lasts at least 8-12 months because super glue is waterproof. So outdoor use won’t break the bond. 

I have written a separate article on super glue waterproofness with practical video. You can check it to know the longevity of super glue bonding. 


That’s the short but overall discussion on super glue weight-holding capacity. You must wonder that just a super glue can hold this intensive weight. But that’s true, super glue can hold weight beyond your imagination. 

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