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Gorilla Super Glue Gel Review With Using Guide

Don’t you know which glue gel is efficient to repair simple household and office items? Check this article on Gorilla super glue gel review and using guide to know everything about it. 

When your necessary or favorite things break or crack, you have to repair or replace them. But, replacing is more expensive than repairing. So there is no need to replace the broken or cracked things instead of repairing them. 

In this time, you feel the necessity of a strong super glue that can efficiently bond the broken pieces together. Here Gorilla brings a highly effective super glue in gel format. 
In this gorilla super glue gel review, we will disclose everything about it including using process, and FAQs. So let’s begin.

Quick Overview of Gorilla Super Glue

gorilla glue

Gorilla super glue gel is one of Amazon’s no 1 best-selling products on cyanoacrylate adhesives. 45000+ authentic consumers provide 79% positive reviews with 4.6 ratings. So you can realize how strong bondage the glue gel can give you. 

The gel’s consistency is thicker than ordinary super glue and will not drip or run after applying. It features an easy-to-use nozzle to properly apply the glue on the right and hard reach areas. It also has an anti-clog cap and metal pin to prevent nozzle clog by ensuring an airtight seal. So it is reusable many times that worth your little investment.

For instant drying purposes, this glue gel is outstanding. It takes only 10-45 seconds without clumping to bond everything. Once it dries, you can not break the attachment by forcing or wetting the things underwater as it is waterproof and heat resistant.

Unique Features & Description

Now, it’s time to know all the unique and special features of this gel type glue to make a worthy buying decision. 

Gorilla super glue gel ingredients 

The company used 86-100% Ethyl Cyanoacrylate to make this super glue gel. It brings a thick viscosity, non-dripping, and sticky texture. So that you can effortlessly use it on a vertical surface without making the space messy. 

Gorilla super glue gel waterproof

The next important feature is its water resistance. That means you can use the gel to repair or create anything which gets in touch with water after drying. So the super gel glue will extend the lifespan of the things. That is amazing. Know more about waterproof super glue.

Gorilla super glue gel cure time 

If you previously used any super glue that needs a longer time to dry and creates bondage, you must know how irritating and boring that is. But, you don’t face this challenge when using it. Rather, you will be surprised by notice its fast cure time. It takes less than one minute to dry and make permanent bondage.

Gorilla super glue gel bottle’s design

The bottles and tip of the gel are specially designed by keeping in mind easy using procedures. The bottle is filled half to keep space for gel movement and flexibility. It comes with a tip, an anti-clog cap, and a metal pin. 

The tip helps you to pour as many drops of gel you need on the surface to attach the two components. The anti-clog cap helps prevent air access into the bottle because air makes the glue dry and solid. If suddenly the tip is clogged with glue, the pin helps to remove the solid lumps.

  • Very strong adhesive for many materials and saves your lot of money.
  • Fast drying and one bottle offers good coverage.
  • The glue color is not transparent after drying.
  • Easy to use and store for reuse.
  • Affordable price.
  • It needs a lot of effort to clean the glue from your skin.

What Materials Does Gorilla Super Glue Gel Work On? 

gorilla super glue review

This super glue gel’s work is to create a heavy bond between two components to repair or build. That’s why it effectively works on almost all home and office materials. But, yes, there are a few elements on which this will not work. Here is a list of the materials

This gel efficiently works on

  • Stone
  • Paper
  • Leather
  • Wood
  • Ceramic
  • Tiles
  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Most plastics
  • Cardboard
  • Fabric
  • PVC pipe
  • Brick 
  • vinyl and many more things

This gel is not recommended to use on

  • Polypropylene plastics
  • HDPE / LDPE polyethylene
  • PTFE (Teflon)
  • Glass 
  • Concrete and
  • Foam

This gel is not suggested to repair HDPE or LDPE plastic-containing products. But, you have to repair them if they break. Here you can use plastic cement to reassemble the things instead of using super glue gel.

There is also an alternative way. Just apply CA primer over the broken surfaces and then use this super glue gel. Now, you get the most strong attachment and be tension-free. 

But, if you don’t have both CA primer and plastic cement at your home, you can use this gel without applying CA primer for a temporary and instant solution. But you have to replace the things as early as possible before breaking them again.

How To Use Gorilla Super Glue Gel? (5 Easy Steps)

Using superglue gel on your surface is not a big deal, and it doesn’t take a long time. But, yes, you need to know the exact process to get a fairly strong bond between the pieces. Let’s see a step-by-step guideline to use the gel format glue efficiently. 

Step 1- Make ready the surface

First, clean any dust, dirt, or solid debris from the exact place where you use the glue. You can use tissue paper or a soft dry clean cloth to do this. Because if there is any dust on the place, the gel will not get directly attached to the surface and work properly. That’s why you don’t get long-lasting bondage. 

Step 2 – Prepare the glue bottle

The gel glue will be stored on the bottom of the bottle. So, you need to shake the bottle to make the glue flexible and bring it towards the tip. Shake the bottle 5-6 times by keeping it upside down. 

Step 3 – Open cap & apply the gel

When you see the gel come toward the tip, open the cap & keep it in a secure space. Because after applying glue, you have to close the tip with it. 

Now, squeeze the bottle and hold it upside down on your desired things to dispense the glue. Gorilla recommended one drop of gel per square inch. Then, hold the two pieces on one another. Don’t use more than one drop of gel for one square inch because that will decrease the performance of the gel and weaken the bondage of the joint. 

Step 4 – Wait for permanent attachment

When you hold the two pieces to join them, hold the pieces for at least 10-45 seconds. In this time, the glue will dry and permanently bond the things together. To get maximum performance, wait 24 hours until fully cured.

Step 5 – Prepare the gel bottle for reuse

After applying the gel, immediately wipe the tip with a dry cloth to remove the excess glue attached to the tip. It will help you to avoid tip clogging with glue. Then secure the cap to the tip and keep it in a dry and cool place for future use. It doesn’t need to be stored in the refrigerator. 

By following this simple guideline, you can use the gel and repair most household items. If you like to see the entire process visually, you can check this tutorial from the Gorilla YouTube channel. 

Some Essential And Useful Tips 

  • Removing the Gorilla super glue gel on skin is very difficult and stressful. So you need to wear hand gloves to avoid this hazardous situation. 
  • Please keep your kids away when you use the glue. They may touch the glue of your lack of attention. As their skin is more sensitive than older persons, it may harm their skin. 
  • As the gorilla super glue gel cyanoacrylate is a minor toxic product, you have to use it in a well-ventilated room or an open space. That’s why you don’t feel the odor of it and suffocate.


Is Gorilla super glue gel toxic?

The Gorilla super glue gel is minorly toxic. If anyone digests unintentionally, it makes their stomach slightly upset because it is made with Ethyl cyanoacrylate. This chemical turns the gel dry in direct contact with moisture. 

Is Gorilla Super Glue Gel reef safe?

Yes, it is reef safe and secure to use for fish tanks. That’s why many people use it in their aquarium, as the glue will be inert in the aquarium’s water because of moisture. 

Why isn’t my bottle of Gorilla Super Glue filled to the top?

The Gorilla super glue gel is not filled to the top of the bottle to keep it usable, ensure high performance, and protect from the air. If the bottle is filled with glue, it has no space to squeeze and get out the glue from the bottle. 

How can I remove Gorilla Super Glue from skin?

Instantly you have to wash your fingers or the glue-attached skin with soapy water to remove the wet glue as much as possible. If the glue is cured on your skin, damp the area with warm soapy water for a few minutes to loosen the bond. Then moderately scrub the required area with a soft scrubber. Never harshly rub your skin; it will pull off your skin. After that, you should use moisturizing cream to get back your skin moisture. 

Why do I need to shake and tap the bottle?

The gel is a very thick and sticky formula that is stored inside the bottle.  When you shake and tap the bottle, the gel glue will come towards the bottle’s nozzle. So that it helps to apply the glue on the surface with controlled drippings. 

Is Gorilla Super Glue Gel flexible?

Though the  Gorilla super glue gel is thicker than super glue, it is flexible. This super glue gel is highly recommended to use on palin and minor porous surfaces to fill up short gaps and repair everything. 

Does gorilla gel dry hard?

Yes, the gorilla gel dries hard within 10 to 45 seconds. If you have less time, you can use super glue gel for vertical application and get fast drying. 

Is Gorilla Super Glue Gel better than regular super glue?

Absolutely yes. Gorilla super glue gel creates stronger bonds, preferable for water, and heat resistance than regular super glue. These glues will work exceptionally well on outdoor repair.

What is the difference between super glue and super glue gel?

super glue gel vs liquid

The main difference between super glue and super glue gel is their texture. The super glue is a thinner liquid, dripping, and runny than the super glue gel. The gel-type glue is thick and sticky.

The super glue is more suitable for vertical-directed application and extremely porous surfaces. The superglue gel is great to use on less porous, plain, and solid surfaces. But both of them dry quickly to create a strong, durable, and transparent bond.

Last Word

Now, after reading our Gorilla super glue gel review you know every ins and outs of it. When you compare its versatile use against its price, you will find it one of the most useful household repairing products in your toolbox.

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