Honest & Authentic GHOSTBOND Glue Reviews

When you look at your natural hairs, they are not that much shiny, straight, or wavy, which is absolutely disappointing. But, you wonder how most girls and boys can switch their looks and try different hairstyles. 

Yes, wearing wigs and laces and securing them perfectly on your scalp is the secret. But when you are thinking about what to use to wear the wigs. We are bringing the super fast, safe, and reliable solution for you, which is ghost bond adhesive 

This post will let you know the ghost bond glue reviews from scratch to an advanced level. What does that mean? We’ll talk about its ingredients, water resistance, using steps, drying time, lasting time, safety factor for skin and scalp, advantages, drawbacks, and so many other things. 

So that once you go through this review, you’ll get a clear picture of the adhesive and can determine whether it is worthy for you or not. We just want to provide you with information about the product rather than biased marketing. 

Why Do You Need GhostBond Glue? 

Yes, multiple options (hair spray, gel, wig grips, wig clips, elastic band, bobby pins) are available in the market to wear a wig to hairstyles. So why you need ghost bond glue is a basic question. That’s why first, we think it’s better to tell the reasons why you should prioritize it instead of other options. 

  1. Hair spray and gels are also fast applying formulas used to wear wigs. But, they can’t secure your wig as strongly as ghost bond glue, so a sudden gust of wind may fly away your wig from your scalp, which is really awkward. 
  1. The wigs, made of synthetic fiber and human hair, are not appropriate to wear with hairspray and gel as it’ll damage the synthetic fiber and the wigs. 
  1. Moreover, some hair gels and spray contain some chemicals that can cause your skin allergic reactions like red eyes, itching, rashes, and sneezing. 
  1. Wig grips, and clips, are also good options for wearing a wig. But they both need the help of wig glue to secure their position on your scalp. Otherwise, the grip and your wig may slide off at any time. 
  1. The bobby pins are useful to flatten down your natural hair for securing them before placing the wig on your scalp. But they are not worthy of wearing the wig itself. 
  1. On the other hand, if you tie your wig with the ghost bond XL hair replacement adhesive, you’ll get a more secure, stronger, and long-lasting hold than all of these options. 

Moreover, the most natural finishing besides styling will be peace of mind. That’s the overall scenario; why you should go with ghost bond glue. 

GhostBond Glue At A Glance 

  1. Brand – Professional Hair Labs
  2. Ingredients – Acrylic, Polyurethane, Copolymer. 
  3. Skin type – All skin safe
  4. Formulation – Liquid 
  5. Visibility – Invisible 
  6. Resistance – Waterproof and oil resistant 
  7. Toxicity – No toxicity 
  8. Adversity – No adverse reactions 
  9. Drying time – 24 hours for complete cure
  10. Lasting time – 2 to 4 weeks
  11. Compatible for – Poly & lace hairpiece, toupee systems and wig
  12. Volume – 1.3 ounces


GhostBond Glue Reviews 

Though its name is ghost bond glue, it’s not ghosty; instead it is the wig & hairpiece adhesives by professionals. You’ll feel confident using it in any situation, irrespective of your body chemistry, day, and humidity. 

  • GhostBond Glue Ingredients

Glue-formulated ingredients are crucial to making a huge difference between safety and toxicity. You’ll be happy to know that the ghost bond glue is formulated with acrylic, polyurethane, and water-based copolymer. 

Acrylic makes it transparent and offers excellent optical clarity, so you won’t get any white residue after using the glue on your wig lace. Polyurethane makes it heat resistant to cope with your body temperature even in summer. It is completely free from latex which causes skin irritation. 

It contains copolymer which makes it water resistant to prevent it from getting loose due to heavy perspiration or a shower. You can consider this ghost bond glue as purely waterproof and oil-resistance. As a result, you can enjoy every moment instead of focusing on your hair. 

  • GhostBond Glue Has No Toxicity

No harsh solvents and toxic ingredients are used in the ghost bond glue formula to make it safe for sensitive skin and scalp. So the glue is 100% safe to use in the right manner and right percentage for all types of skin including sensitive skin. 

  • GhostBond Glue Transparency

Glue transparency is a must to look at the wig as your natural hair. The glue will evaporate after drying to give you an invisible bonding between your hairlines and the hairpiece. So nobody can understand that you are wearing a wig. 

  • GhostBond Glue Instructions

You can apply this glue polyurethane and lace-based wigs on your scalp without any prior experience because there are no hard and fast application rules.

  1. First, you must use a thin coat on your hair system by lining the hair to prevent making it messy. 
  2. Put 4 thin coatings on your head by waiting 20 seconds to let the previous coat slightly dry. 
  3. Again wait around 7 minutes to let all the coating dry. You can use your blow dryer to dry the glue coating before 7 minutes. 
  4. Once the glue is ready to hold the wigs securely, take the wig and gently press it on your head. That’s all. 
  • How Long Does GhostBond Take To Dry

Some variables (body sweating tendency and local weather humidity level) work behind determining glue drying time. However, you should wait around 24 hours for complete glue drying. 

During this time, it’s good practice to avoid shampoo and participate in any strenuous activity that generates sweat to ensure maximum strength of your wig adherence. 

  • How Long Does GhostBond Last

There is no fixed time duration of lasting your ghost bond adhesive. It depends on your scalp types, your activities after using the glue, and how perfectly you can wear the wigs. However, most authentic users of the glue claim that the glue will last at least 2 weeks and a maximum of 4 weeks, which is really worthwhile. 

  • GhostBond Glue Easy Removal

So, you have successfully used the ghost bond glue, but now you want to remove it. But how? Removing ghost bond glue is also as simple as applying. Warm water, vinegar, vaseline, acetone, and alcohol effectively remove ghost bond glue from your skin or hairline. Let’s see the process. 

  1. Make a hairline between the wig lace and your scalp.
  2. Apply a thin coat of acetone into the gap and gently rub it with your finger. 
  3. The glue will break down, and the wig lace will come off. 

To learn more, check our ghost bond glue removal post, as there we’ll focus on every possible way on this topic. 

  • GhostBond Glue Price 50

We know it’s disappointing not to buy a product after getting everything in your favor only for a high price. Ghost bond can feel your pain, which is why it comes at a reasonable price of less than $20. 

The 1.3 ounces of the bottle will be good to apply around 2-3 times. However, the number may increase or decrease based on your hair volume and how properly you apply the glue without wasting it.  

  • Allergic Reaction To GhostBond Glue

We are honest with our words. When researching, we found 27 reviews about the allergic reaction to ghost bond glue among the 3192 reviews. More than 99% of users get satisfying bonding with no allergic reaction. 

However, those who complained about allergic reactions said their skin was prone to allergies and used glue on their skin and scalp, which is not the right way to glue application. 

In their review, they suggested doing a patch test before applying it to avoid allergic reaction risk. 

Note: The number of reviews is till the date when we publish the content. 

  • GhostBond Glue Burned My Skin

Those with previous allergy problems and sensitive skin might face skin burns while using the glue directly on their skin. So if you have sensitive and allergic skin, you shouldn’t use it without consulting a skilled dermatologist. 

  • Safe to use for most the skin type
  • Ensure superior and long-lasting bonding
  • Easy to apply, and fast drying without making a gigantic mess
  • Removing is also easy with alcohol and acetone
  • Affordable price against its super quality 
  • Putting too much or touching the wet glue may leave a white residue after drying. 
  • The bottle nozzle may be clogged with glue unless you tighten the nozzle appropriately after first use


That’s the simple but authentic ghost bond glue reviews from our side. Still, we recommend talking to a professional dermatologist, knowing your skin type, and being careful to use the glue to avoid any risk. 

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