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5 Best Industrial Hot Glue Gun (Top Picks And Lowest Prices)

The best industrial hot glue gun can offer you ultimate satisfaction with your gluing projects. Keep reading this article to know comprehensive information about them.  

As a crafting business owner, perfectly bonding the woods, glasses, and other things is your number one priority to generate massive sales to get better ROI. 

To achieve this goal, you need the most flexible, compact designed, and lightweight glue guns. But when the market is flooded with countless and the latest shiny glue guns, you can’t blindly trust them all. 

Here, the team of researched the market and read the authentic consumers’ reviews to hunt 5 professional hot glue guns for you. We have selected them by considering their using system, performance, electricity consumption, and longevity. 
We also map our article by keeping a helpful buying guide, using instructions, and FAQs for your brainstorming to choose the right commercial hot glue gun. So no more further words, and let get into the point.

Overview Of The Best Industrial Hot Glue Gun

Gorilla Hot Glue GunDual temp control and easy to use5 minutes heating and 45 seconds bonding time affordable priceCheck Price On Amazon
Surebonder pro 9700a Industrial Glue GunThe right choice for small handsInstant heating standOn/off switch for dual tempCheck Price On Amazon
Ryobi Hot Glue GunBattery-powered and cordlessCompact design and comfortable handle indicator to show its activity
Check Price On Amazon
Stanley Heavy-Duty Glue GunBest for novice and pro users require less power 60 seconds bonding time
Check Price On Amazon
Ryobi Hot Glue Gun With Battery And ChargerBest for large Fade free lithium-ion battery and a dual chemistry chargerCordless, flexible, and portable Check Price On Amazon

1. Gorilla Hot Glue Gun – Best For Crafting

It is not brag; Gorilla is one of the most popular brands in this industry, and by delivering dedicated products, Gorilla achieved this goodwill. Like Gorilla super glue this glue gun is incredibly well and got 4.7 ratings for extraordinary performance from 28000+ crafters.  

It is tailored as weather-resistant, so you can use this glue for your indoor and outdoor projects without any doubt of loosening the bond. This gun comes with full-size and mini-size 30 pieces of glue sticks so that these sticks will be enough for your multiple large-size crafting works.  

The low and high heat settings are very maneuverable to bond all types of objects. Such as you can use low heat for delicate items like paper crafting, attaching florals for designer dresses, flower stakes for wedding decorations, pearls on jewelry, etc. 

And the high heat offers a strong attachment between wood, metal, and other heavy objects. You have just to push the button to set the heats. 

The precision nozzle, easy squeezing trigger, and built-in stand are absolutely perfect for using this fine tip hot glue gun to your all types of gluing jobs. Additionally, it is very reasonable, and quality building ensures long-lasting performance. So let’s try it. 


  • Brand – Gorilla
  • Material – ‎Plastic, wood, metal, glass
  • Dimensions – ‎‎‎10 x 8 x 2 inches
  • Weight – 12 ounces
  • Voltage – 120
  • Power source – Corded electric
  • Switching system – On/Off button
  • Number and size of glue sticks – 30, 27″ Diameter
  • Heating time – 5 minutes
  • Bonding time – 45 seconds
  • Sturdy built, works great, and fast heating
  • Excellent design with full and mini size glue sticks
  • Long power cord and minimum electric cost
  • Lightweight, so no hand fatigue for a long hour use
  • Easy to use with dual temp control
  • It will be a little bit hot when running for a long time use

2. Surebonder pro 9700a Industrial Glue Gun – Best For Efficiency

Our second choice is Surebonder cordless hot glue gun for your large and heavy-duty projects. It works very efficiently to craft or repair metal, wood, ceramic, and other strong objects. 

You can heat it within 2-3 minutes; in this short time, it reaches a high temperature to offer you a perfect bond between the two parts of the things. It will continue this high temperature for more than 5 minutes, and it is enough to apply the hot glue on your preferred things. 

After this time, if you set the gun back to its holder, it will instantly reheat itself for subsequent use. And you can use the gun for 2 minutes without a power connection as it holds this charge for uninterrupted work. 

The gun is a vast but lightweight and perfect design with finishing, which is excellent for a comfortable grip and easy use. It comes with a 5 feet long power cord which is very handy to ensure proper power connection. 

The on/off switch needs intentional movement to turn this hot gun on or off. So you won’t need to worry about accidentally shutting it off during work. There is also a mini glue pad for catching glue between the applications, so the surface will not get messy for extra adhesives. In addition, this fantastic feature will help to avoid glue wastage.

Surebonder Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Finally, you can cover the gun’s nozzle with the safety fuse to prevent the glue from flowing down. So you can go ahead and grab this glue gun at an affordable price. We can say you won’t regret for this little investment. 


  • Brand – surebonder
  • Using material – Wood, leather, metal, ceramics 
  • Dimensions -‎11.9 x 8.5 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight – 13.6 ounces
  • Wattages – 60 
  • Temperature – 380°f.
  • Power source – Corded Electric
  • Switching system – On/Off button
  • Size of glue sticks – .44″ diameter and 10″ long
  • Long and full-size glue sticks are great for immense application
  • It comes with a heating stand to keep it while not working
  • The non-stick glue holder is effective to keep space clean
  • Ergonomic trigger for easy use
  • Require less power, so very economy 
  • LED indicator light
  • It is cordless but not battery powered

3. Ryobi Hot Glue Gun – Best For Multi-purpose

Using a corded glue gun is very time-consuming, and back gears your productivity by repeatedly plugging in and plugging out the electrical cord to the power source. In that case, choosing a cordless and battery-powered glue gun can be very convenient for you. The Ryobi cordless hot glue gun is a great tool to handle all kinds of crafting projects in your workshop. 

Its compact design with a micro hex texture, and rubber-covered handle is comfortable to grip and avoid sudden shock. You can put two of your fingers in the trigger to efficiently control glue streams to maximize their use. It comes with 3 full-size multi-purpose gluing sticks, and one squeeze of the trigger gets out adequate glue to give a powerful bond. 

The LED light indicator will activate when you turn on the gun to keep you aware of its usage. The gun will run more than 3.5 hours in one charge with a 4-amp hour battery. But it has no temperature controlling option, so you need to manually turn the switch off to reserve heat and extend battery life.  

It doesn’t come with a battery, and it runs with any 18v lithium-ion battery; if you have other Ryobi tools, you can use their battery to use this gluing gadget. So you can try this without any second thought.

Ryobi Hot Glue Gun Review


  • Brand – Ryobi
  • Dimensions -‎‎2.75 x 6.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight – 8.8 ounces
  • Voltage – 18
  • Power source – Cordless
  • Battery – lithium-ion and NiCad batteries (Not included)
  • Switching system – On/Off button
  • Number of Glue sticks – 3 Multi-purpose
  • Heating time – 2 minutes
  • Run time – 3.5 hours
  • Great design with balanced stand
  • Decent run time with the smallest battery
  • Lightweight, fast heating, and high tamp
  • Comfortable grip for easy using even on slippery condition
  • Fine tip nozzle for precision glue dropping
  • The front part gets hot when running, so you should pick up the handle only

4. Stanley Heavy-Duty Glue Gun – Best For Large Projects

The Stanley heavy-duty glue gun is a must-have tool for any DIYer who loves to take their DIY skills to the next level. It offers you high and low-temperature control to efficiently apply glue on your objects based on their needs. 

You can use the low temp for gluing plastic card sheets to make bespoke boxes, wedding bouquets, or complete your child’s school crafting projects. This glue’s low heat is also great for repairing broom handles to broom heads, securing the bond of the broken magnifying glass in its frame, or even sticking a homemade propeller to your garage wall.  

Now, let’s know where you can apply the high heat glue. The high melt glue works excellently to fix heavier materials like wood and metallic objects. Plus, the comfortable handling grip, easily accessible two heat settings switch, and precise nozzle makes it handy. 

It takes only 2 minutes and 30w of electricity for low tamp, 5 minutes and 50w electricity for high tamp. Which means you get adequate time to prepare your objects to bond. And most interestingly, it offers you a strong bond within 60 seconds. So, you can pick it by considering it as one of the best heavy-duty hot glue guns. 


  • Brand – Stanley
  • Material – ‎Plastic, wood, metal, paper, fabric, 
  • Dimensions – ‎‎‎10.39 x 6.93 x 2.6 inches
  • Weight – 11.7 ounces
  • Voltage – 240
  • Power source – Corded electric
  • Switching system – On/Off button
  • Size of glue sticks – 0.44″ diameter 
  • Heating time – 5 minutes
  • Bonding time – 1 minute
  • Work seamlessly, and offer perfect bond
  • An effective mechanism to control dual tamp
  • Fast heating and produce a steady stream of hot glue
  • The nozzle will not clog up for extra glue dispensing
  • Requires less time to complete the job
  • The folding stand is slightly flimsy and sometimes collapse

5. Ryobi Hot Glue Gun With Battery And Charger – Best For Construction

Our last choice is also from Ryobi, and this time we picked the gun which comes with a battery and charger. It is one of the heavy-duty glue guns for your construction project. As the gun is cordless so you can use it everywhere. 

The comfortable handle, on/off LED indicator light, flexible and easily accessible trigger make its design impressive. Besides great design, the gun takes only 2-3 minutes to warm up and produces high heat to melt the adhesive. And you can use the gun for 3.5 hours continuously with a fully charged battery. 

The lithium-ion battery of the gun is engineered to provide fade-free power all the time when you use it. As a result, you can continue your gluing tasks without a power cut or low heating interruption. This technology helps enhance the battery’s lifespan to offer you maximum performance. 

Though it is costly, it offers you a 3 years warranty. So you can try this all-purpose glue gun to enjoy an effortless and durable gluing experience in your professional life. 


  • Brand – Ryobi America corporation
  • Dimensions -‎‎12.2 x 10.59 x 5.08 inches
  • Weight – 59.84 ounces
  • Wattage – 305
  • Voltage – 18
  • Power source – Battery powered
  • Battery – 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Switching system – On/Off indicator
  • Heating time – 2-3 minutes
  • Run time – 3.5 hours
  • Solid construction, durable, and portable
  • Easy to use and offer strong attachment between the objects
  • Excellent design, fast heating, and long run time
  • Outstanding performance for all-purpose projects
  • 3 years warranty and worth your investment
  • It is heavyweight

      How To Choose The Best Hot Glue Gun (Buying Guide) 

      The more your business sales curve goes up, the more ROI you will get. And it mostly depends on how strong and durable a bond you can make to your things to satisfy your customers. So you have to evaluate some features to make the right choice of a hot glue gun. Here are some features that you must check.

      • Full-size vs mini size

      You will find two sizes of glue guns; one is full size, and another is mini size. The full-size gun can dispense a large volume of melted glue with every squeeze. As a result, if you deal with a large project, you can complete it with less time investment. The full-size gun is suitable to make entirely new items with ceramic, metal, wood, cardboard, etc. 

      On the flip side, a mini-size glue gun dispenses a small volume of glue with every squeeze. If you have a business of making ornaments with stones and pearls. If you make gift items, tent houses, dolls, etc., a mini-size glue gun is best suited for you.

      • Low temp vs high temp vs dual temp

      You also have to consider the temp level of the gun. You must know that every gluing project doesn’t require the same temp. Earlier, there was little option to choose the temperature level. 

      But now, most glue gun-producing companies bring their glue gun with temperature-controlled switches. They produce dual-temp glue guns. So that you can fix the temp by pushing the button high or low; what you need. 

      The low temp glue gun produces 250°f. temp to bond light-duty objects, including paper, fabric, and glass. The high temp means reaching 380°f. temperature to melt the glue from glue sticks to quickly bond wood, plastic, metal, and other heavy-duty items. 

      So you should choose a dual-temp glue gun to avoid buying separate glue guns for individual projects. 

      • Wattages

      The power and heat generating capacity go side by side when you buy a hot glue gun. The more watt your gun requires, the more heat it can offer, and you will get hotter glue for durable fastening. 

      A low-temperature glue gun needs 10-20 watts of power, whereas a high temp gun needs 20 watts to even 100 watts. So you need to check the wattage range from the label of the gun. You can also find it in the user manual. 

      • Corded vs cordless 

      There are also two types of glue guns, corded and cordless. The corded gun runs with electricity, and you have to plug the power cord into the power source. The cordless gun will run with a rechargeable battery. 

      The corded gun will bind you to use the gun in limited space because the power connection may not be available everywhere in your working zone. But, you can use the gun for unlimited time until you complete your task.

      Oppositely, the cordless gun offers you the freedom to use it anywhere and anytime as long as it has a charge. But, an 18-volt battery will provide you with 3-3.5 hours of gluing time. After that, you have to recharge the battery for further use. 

      So both corded and cordless glue guns have their pros and cons. You should choose anyone as per your project’s needs. 

      • Glue sticks 

      Basically, the gun size is designed based on the size of glue sticks. The full-size gun needs full-size sticks (0.44″) in diameter. On the contrary, a mini-size glue gun needs mini-size glue sticks (0.27″) in diameter. You also have to consider matching the glue sticks with the glue gun. 

      • On/off switch

      Except for some, almost every glue gun has an on/off switch on its handle. These switches are helpful to use the gun efficiently, reserve battery power, or save electricity. The gun will not be ready to dispense glue after plugging it until you turn the switch on. 

      And when you don’t need glue dispassion, you can turn off the switch to avoid making the space messy. So you have to choose the gun which has an on-off switch to use it smartly. 

      • Glue gun design

      The design is essential to grip the handle comfortably, access the firing trigger, and dispense the right glue volume through the nozzle. Even the design of the gun also affects its weight and usages. 

      If the gun is lightweight, you don’t have hand fatigue though you use it longer. And if the gun comes with a flip-down stand or tripod, that will be great. It helps you to stand the gun between the glue applications. But, some guns come with an upright stand design that allows for standing the gun in its own basement. 

      So these are the most important factors and you have to consider them to pick the best glue gun to fulfill your requirements.

      how to use hot glue gun

      How To Use Hot Glue Gun? 

      If you don’t know the exact process of using a glue gun, then maybe the best precision hot glue gun will be worthless for you. So here we discuss a complete step-by-step tutorial for easily patching up your objects with a glue gun. 

      Step – 1 Place selection

      First, check whether your glue gun is cord powered, or cordless. If your gun is cordless, you are free to move. Or, if your gun is corded, select a place to use the gun where the power socket is available to get the connection. 

      Step – 2 Preparation

      Keep the object organized on a board or table to do the job faster. Remove dry dirt and dust from the things to get a durable and robust bond. 

      Notice whether the gun’s nozzle is free to pass melted glue or not. If dry glue clogs the nozzle, wipe the nozzle with a microfiber cloth to clean it. Or you can use a toothpick to unclog the nozzle. 

      Step – 3 Load glue stick

      The glue gun is worked with glue sticks. In this step, you have to load a glue stick. At the ending point of the gun, you will get a hole to load the glue stick. Take a full-size or mini-size glue stick based on your task requirement and push it into the hole.  

      Step – 4 Set temp level

      Some glue guns come with temperature control to efficiently use the weapon. You have to set the temp level according to your gluing materials. 

      You can use the low temp hot glue gun for plastic welding or other light objects because high temp will damage the surfaces. On the contrary, you have to set the high temp for heavy things like wood, metal, ceramic, etc. The low temp will not provide a durable bond for heavy objects. 

      Step – 5 Connect the power

      The cordless glue gun runs with a battery, so load the battery into the gun. And if the gun has a power cord, insert the plug into the socket. Then rest it for 2-5 minutes to warm up and melt the glue. After that, turn on the gun switch to precisely apply melted glue to the object. 

      Step – 6 Glue application

      Hold the handle of the glue gun and trigger the button; the melted glue will come into the nozzle. Apply the glue over the objects on dots, swirls, or straight lines. Next, keep the gun on the flat surface with its standing stand. 

      Step – 7 Bond two objects 

      Now, place one gluing object over another and gently hold it to dry and secure the glue for some seconds. Keep them resting for some minutes until fully cured. 

      Step – 8 Turn the switch off or unplug the cord

      At last, you need to turn the gun switch off or unplug the power source. Wait a few minutes to cool down the gun and clean the nozzle to remove the extra glue. Then store it for your next use. 

      By following these steps you can efficiently use the glue gun whether you are a beginner or professional crafter.

      How To Remove Hot Glue?

      If you are a beginner hot glue gun user, it is common to mess the space. Or you can unintentionally use the hot glue on the wrong object. Don’t panic because removing the glue from the space is not tough. You just have to keep patience. There are 4 methods to remove the hot glue. 

      Method – 1 Using Isopropyl Alcohol

      Isopropyl Alcohol has approximately 70% of pure Isopropyl, which effectively removes hot glue. Damp one edge of a cotton ball or Q-Tip into the Isopropyl Alcohol and rub the space from where you want to remove the glue. The Isopropyl will weaken the adhesive. After rubbing, peel the glue from the object. 

      Method – 2 Using Acetone acid

      Don’t you have Isopropyl Alcohol at home? Never mind. You must have a nail polish remover, and you can use it. Because nail polish remover has 100% acetone acid, which also works great to remove hot glue. By following the same process of Isopropyl Alcohol, you can use the acetone acid to remove hot glue. 

      Method – 3 Using your freezer

      Are you astonished by reading this and think is it possible to use my freezer for glue removal? We say “yes” it is possible. If you want to remove glue from the fabric, using your freezer can be a good solution. 

      Put the garment in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Within this time, the glue will be hard. Bring out the garment after 30 minutes and gently peel the hard glue from the fabric. If your garment is very large, put it into a Ziploc bag before keeping it in the freezer. 

      Method – 4 Wait for dry and peel 

      If you don’t have Isopropyl Alcohol or acetone acid and it is impossible to keep the object in the freezer, then it is the last method to remove the glue. 

      Suppose, when working with a glue gun, some hot glue falls on the surface where you use the glue gun. Wait a few minutes to dry them. When the glue completely dries, you will see white layers over the surface. Use your finger and try to loosen one edge of the coating. You can also use a screwdriver sharp edge, if the glue is very hard. And lastly, peel the layer to clean the surface. 

      All these 4 methods are very helpful to remove hot glue and you can use any method among them that you find easiest.

      Some Useful Tips For Smartly Use A Hot Glue Gun

      • Always check your corded glue gun power cord before plugin. Because of a bad connection or if there is any leak in the cord, both can cause a severe accident. 
      • Never touch the glue gun’s nozzle after the power connection or turning on the switch. Because the nozzle will become hot when the gun gets warm to melt the glue. Holding the handle is the best option to avoid shock.
      • Don’t keep the glue gun aside between the applications, as the melted glue will spread through the nozzle. Use the glue gun stand to keep it standing. 
      • Be careful when dealing with a glue gun, as hot glue can burn your skin. 
      • If possible, try to wear hand gloves to avoid gluing your fingers and keep the room ventilated for adequate air passing.
      • Don’t allow the kids in the room when you use the glue gun. The kids may think using the glue gun is fun, like a toy. 

      What Is The Best Hot Glue Gun And Hot Glue Gun Price?

      The prices of hot glue guns will vary depending on the brands, features, models, sizes, the number of glue sticks and applications. The price range of the most hot glue gun is $5-$300. So you can choose a professional-grade glue gun at a budget-friendly price. Here is a price chart for best hot glue gun with brand name

      The name of glue gunPrice
      Ryobi hot glue gun with battery and charger$111
      Surebonder PRO2-220 220 Watt Adjustable Hot Glue Gun$106
      Worksite Hot Glue Gun$49
      Stanley STA0GR25 Heavy-Duty Glue Gun$29
      Workpro Cordless Hot Glue Gun$21
      Surebonder Cordless Hot Glue Gun$19
      Gorilla Hot Glue Gun$12
      Elmer’s Craft Bond High-Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun$6
      AdTech Ultra Low-Temp Cool Tool$5


      Will a hot glue gun melt plastic?

      No, the hot glue gun will not melt plastic with its low temp. Instead, you can use it to get durable bondage when nailing or drilling several kinds of plastics to repair their damage. 

      How strong is hot glue gun?

      The hot glue gun comes with high and low-temperature control. The high temp offers you a 40% stronger bond for versatile materials, including metal, wood, cardboard, glass, and multiple fabrics.  

      Are all hot glue guns the same?

      No, all hot glue guns are not the same. Some hot glue guns come with full-size and mini-size glue sticks with 0.43″ and 0.27″ diameters. Even some hot glue guns offer you a high and low-temperature switching system. 

      Are Gorilla hot glue sticks good?

      Yes, the Gorilla glue sticks are 5x more durable and effective than other branded ones. 

      What is the difference between low and high temp glue gun? 

      The first difference between low and high temp glue guns is temperature level. The low temp glue guns produce 170°f to 250°f or (75°c to 120°c) temperature to bond light materials, and it works great for flat surfaces. The high temp glue guns make 266°f to 302°f or (130°c to 150°c) temp to heavy bond materials, and it works excellent for porous surfaces.


      You must need something extraordinary, low and high temp, and easy triggering glue guns to use it with any sort of expertise. You will get every facility by choosing the best industrial hot glue gun. 

      In this comprehensive guide, we have discussed almost all the sections of hot glue gun for your convenient use.

      You can choose the Gorilla hot glue gun as a budget-friendly but most beneficial glue gun. And for heavy-duty use, the Stanley Heavy-Duty Glue Gun will be the right choice for you. 

      Best of luck with your crafting projects!

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