5 Best Glue for Plastic Car Bumpers to Fix Crack, Torn, and Spill

Admit it, cracking your car’s bumper isn’t always your fault. On the busy road, other drivers may hit the bumper and crack. 

Though that is unpleasant, fortunately, standard cement, epoxy resin, adhesive, and super glue can fill the crack. 

After hours of research and brainstorming, I have together the 5 best glue for plastic car bumpers repair by segmenting which glue is good for which materials. So you can pick the right one that fits your car. Let’s get started-

Is It Worth Using Glue To Fix Plastic Car Bumpers?

First, knowing whether the glue is worth fixing a cracked car bumper is mandatory. Because if that won’t be worthwhile, buying glue, and spending your time, energy, and patience will all be valueless. And nobody wants that. 

Am I right? 

So, before all my discussion. I love to let you know about glues’ worthiness.

Moreover, I’ll justify the worthiness from 2 angles. 

  1. Can glue fix the crack? 
  2. How much does it require to spend?

Can Glue Fix Bumper’s Crack?

Glues are specifically designed and formulated to hold things together, fix any cracks, and repair broken pieces. So, in its origin, glue is worth it to fix your cracked car bumper. 

But the question is, how much crack glue can fix? 

Remember, my friend. The crack size plays a vital role in its fixing. The width, depth, and length of the crack are important. 

In general, if your car bumper’s crack is not more than 3 inches deep, 2 inches wide, and 12 inches long, glue can fix it. 

But, if, unfortunately, the crack size is more than that, it would be better if you ruled out the repair option.

But, if, unfortunately, the crack size is more than that, it would be better if you ruled out the repair option.

How Much Does It Require To Spend?


The size of your bumper crack is glue fixable. So now you need to buy the essential things. 

You may need to spend the highest $30-$50, which involves glue, duck tape, and painters’ tape cost. The cost may reduce if you have any of these at your home. 

On the flip side, if you don’t do that yourself or the cracked size isn’t glue fixable. You should visit a car repair shop, order replacement parts, and pay the mechanical bill. Overall, that will cost you between $100 and $1,000.

So, from the logical counterfeiting, using glue to fix cracked or torn car bumper is safe and worthwhile.

Can You Glue Plastic Car Bumper?

Yes, you can use glue on plastic car bumpers. Most car bumpers are made with polypropylene plastic due to their impact and weather resistance (rain, snow, heat, and cold). 

On the other hand, most super glues and epoxy resin glues are formulated for use in different materials, including polypropylene plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, glass, concrete, etc. 

So, in a word, undoubtedly, you can glue your plastic car bumper.

What are The Strongest Glues For Automotive Plastic?

There are so many glues available in the market. But only some of these are excellent to use in automotive plastic. Here are the top-rated automotive plastic glues 

  • Most Popular Pick: J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder Body Panel Adhesive
  • Best Value Packed: Amazing GOOP 160012 Automotive Adhesive
  • Best Versatile Pick: Permatex 84115 5-minute Plastic Weld Adhesive
  • Best Budget Pick: Loctite Super Glue Plastics Bonding System
  • Best Professional Pick: 3M 04247 Super Fast Plastic Repair Glue

What Kind Of Glue To Use On Car Bumper Comparison Chart?

Best Glue For Car BumperIt’s Best ForGlue TypeBondsKey FeaturesBuy
J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder Body Panel AdhesiveMost Popular PickAdhesivePlastic
Polyvinyl Chloride
Metal Wood 
-Set time 15 minutes 
-Cure time 30 minutes
-Tensile Strength 3770 PSI
-Heat and waterproof 
-Shock and vibration resistant
Walmart  eBay
Amazing GOOP 160012 Automotive AdhesiveBest Value PackedAutomatic adhesiveVinyl
Leather Metal
-Require No mixing & clamping
-Set in 2 minutes & cure for 24 hours
-Water & vibration resistant
-Application & cure temp resistance, range is 50 to 90°f & -40 to 180°f.
Permatex 84115 5-minute Plastic Weld AdhesiveBest Versatile PickWeld AdhesivePlastic 
-Set in 5 minutes & cure for 24 hours
-Tensile Strength 3500 PSI.
-Water and chemical resistance
-Temp resistance range is -60 to 250°f (-51°c to 123°)
Amazon Walmart eBay
Loctite Super Glue Plastics Bonding SystemBest Budget PickSuper glueHard Plastics
Cardboard Cork
-Require No mixing & clamping
-Set within seconds & cure for 24 hours 
-Waterproof & transparent dry
-High impact & freezing temp resistant
Amazon Walmart eBay
3M 04247 Super Fast Plastic Repair GlueBest Professional PickEpoxy glueWood
-Set within 20 seconds & cure for 24 hours 
-Harsh weather and vibration resistant
-Gap-filling properties & no brittle
-Include 2 static mixing nozzles
Amazon Walmart eBay

1: J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder Body Panel Adhesive – Most Popular Pick

Is your car’s plastic bumper cracked or ripped into 2 pieces? 

What glue should you choose to bind the crack or split?

Nothing but J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder Body Panel Adhesive can be your savior. And it isn’t bragging! 

Among 1170 authentic reviewers, 35+ guys used this glue only for fixing their car bumper. They gave 100% positive feedback with satisfaction. 

What’s the reason for their super satisfaction?

It works on plastic, carbon fiber composites, or metal car bumpers. That’s why you can use this glue on all the bumper materials. 

It has dual-syringe cartridge systems to easily mix the white glue and black hardener. 3770 pounds per square inch (PSI) proves its excellent weight-lifting strength. So, you won’t have to think about your car bumper’s cracking required strength level. 

On top, it takes only 15 minutes to set the glue and around 30 minutes to completely cure. So that you can set the bumper in its place quickly.

Just one thing you have to remember while using this glue. It starts to thicken within 5 minutes after mixing. So, you should prepare the car bumper prior to mixing the glue. 

And put the glue on the cracked space with a putty knife as soon as possible. But, yes, while performing the job. You must be careful to avoid spreading. 

  • Easy to dispense and use even for a tricky repair
  • Excellently fill the cracked gap to look like new 
  • The bumper cracked still fixed after 2 years
  • Save bumper replacement or repair cost 
  • Small shelf life

Buy from Amazon, Walmart , eBay

2. Amazing GOOP 160012 Automotive Adhesive – Best Value Packed

Nothing but Amazing GOOP 160012 Automotive Adhesive can be the first choice if you need to repair the front bumper on your 2001 Mustang GT. You can use it to fill the cracked bumper, torn car seat, convertible tops, or floor mats, as it is the best glue for automotive plastic to metal. 

  • Provide clear, strong, waterproof, and heat-resistant bond
  • Easy and flexible to use on any hard space 
  • The bumper will still be in place after 3 years
  • A lifesaver and rejuvenate your car’s outlook
  • A bit annoying to clean up excess

The most impressive thing about this adhesive is everything will still hold strong and rock solid even if you drive the car 3000-4000 miles at speeds up to 80 miles per hour. 

It is only possible due to its vibration, water, and heat-resistant power. That’s why, in the freezing or scorching environment, or your high-speed driving vibration, nothing impacts the glue and loses it. 

Now, let’s talk about its usage process. The glue comes with a simple squeezing tube with a nozzle. After preparing your car’s cracked bumper by adding masking tape,  you need to open the glue cap and apply as much glue as possible to fill the gap. Within 2 few minutes, it will set, and within 24 hours, you will get a complete cure sealing that won’t break. 

Buy from Amazon, Walmart, eBay

3. Permatex 84115 5-minute Plastic Weld Adhesive

Whatever plastic equipment you want to fix, from motorcycle panel to 3 inches cracked 2001 Avalon bumper, laptop computers cases to broken headphones, or your kids’ plastic airplane to kitchen countertop. Our next choice Permatex 84115 5-minute Plastic Weld Adhesive, will fix all of these like a champ. 

Once you fix the broken or cracked plastic items with this 2-part adhesive. The glue won’t melt when washing them with water or using them under the sun’s 250° F heat. Even a 100 mph driving vibration can’t break the glue to come off the bumper from its place. 

3500 PSI tensile strength can take a heavy load to attach the pieces together. It takes only 5 minutes to solidify. So at this time, you can remove clamping pressure, and within 24 hours, the attachment will be super strong, lasting several years. 

Since it dries clear, nobody can determine that you have repaired the car trim, seat, or bumper. So there is no extra hassle to paint the car exterior to look as before. 

  • Beyond questions, the versatility to fix rigid materials
  • Offer the strongest attachment that water or heat can’t break
  • No sagging, easy to use, fast and clear drying
  • Reasonable price that won’t break your bank 
  • Not applicable for polyethylene or polypropylene plastics

Buy from Amazon, Walmart, eBay

4. Loctite Super Glue Plastics Bonding System – Best Budget Pick

Super glue is an effective and efficient sealing solution for all porous and non-porous surfaces. This Loctite Super Glue/cyanoacrylate formula builds strength to hold things permanently. 

It is specially designed for plastic bonding and comes at a more affordable price than any other brand. So it is beyond doubt that it works on polyethylene and polypropylene hard-bond plastic. In terms of cost, it won’t break the bank. 

This two-part adhesive can fill the cracked 2008 range rover sport rear bumper or others to look like new. You need to apply the activator and wait 60 seconds. Then apply the super glue to place the car bumper. 

Since both of the tubes are easy to squeeze and apply to the hard-reach area. There is no risk of spreading the super glue on the bumper’s other space. And if, unfortunately, it spreads. Nothing to worry about. As it dries clear and transparent. So glue won’t be noticeable after drying. 

One drawback of this super glue for car bumpers is it takes 24 hours for a complete cure. But, if you consider the overall benefits, that won’t be a deal breaker.

  • Multi-purpose, easy
  • Offer permanent bonding even in harsh use
  • Cure transparent that won’t need further painting
  • Most reasonable price & fast shipping 
  • Rubbery-type plastics will not bond too well

Buy from Amazon, Walmart, eBay

5. 3M 04247 Super Fast Plastic Repair Glue – Best Professional Pick

Everybody loves to get a professional solution, even for their tiny fixing. Because industrial and professional sealing can offer more core fixing than other solutions. On that note, you can rely on 3M 04247 as the best glue for plastic car parts.

This high-performance adhesive comes with 2 syringes and superb gap-filling properties. That’s why you can easily apply the glue on any challenging space if your car’s, jeep’s, truck’s bumper, or trim is cracked.

But, as the glue is fast acting (20 seconds set time), you also have to be faster to apply it. However, since it is running or sagging-resistant, there is no risk of making a mess while applying the glue on the fill of the bumper. 

  • Professional grade, versatile, and strong attachment
  • Easy and fast application for hassle-free repair
  • Excellent at fixing challenging and molding bumpers
  • Offer rock solid bond to last more than 3 years
  • A little bit expensive, 195

Buy from Amazon, Walmart, eBay

How To Choose The Best Glue For Plastic Car Bumper Repair

It’s not about fixing simple and inexpensive things that you can randomly pick glue. Instead, it’s about your favorite and expensive car bumper repair issue. So, you have to efficiently pick the one that offers the most durable bond to satisfy you. Here are some crucial things that you should remember and check. 

  • Be Clear From Your Side

Unless you know your purpose better, how could you choose the absolute glue that serves you most? Knowing some questions and answers will help you to diagnose your purpose.

  1. What is your car type? (ATV, UTV, Jeep, etc) 
  2. What is your car bumper’s plastic type? (Polypropylene, Polycarbonates, TPOs, Polyamides, Polyesters, Thermoplastics, etc)
  3. How much did the bumper crack?  Light scratch, Deep scratch, Torn, Spilled, etc.)
  4. What is the weather condition of your locality? (Humidity, & Heat level.)

Once you know the answer, you can easily cross-check the glues features to determine whether they can meet your purpose or not. Otherwise, the glue’s features seem to you, nothing but some jargon words. 

  • Glue Type

Since the market is flooded with different glue types, it confuses you. For a light crack, any general-purpose glue can fix the bumper. But it will be best if you go with super, automotive, industrial, or two-part epoxy resin glue to fix deep cracks. Otherwise, the bond will be less durable than you desire to get. 

  • Easy To Use

Wouldn’t You like to get an easily applicable glue to your cracked bumper to avoid many hassles? Sure. 

So, the glue that comes with an easy-squeezing container and nozzle to apply the glue even in a hard-reach area will be a great choice. 

However, if the glue has two parts, or dual-syringe cartridge systems and easy-to-follow instructions are a plus to mixing and applying them. 

  • Set & Cure Time

Fast-acting glue is always a favorite pick for almost all users and you aren’t out of them, right? 

The glue that sets within 5 minutes and cures within 8-12 hours should be your choice. For complete healing, it may take around 24 hours to be ready to withstand high heat, wind, vibration, and rain showers. 

But, if the glue hardens for less than 1 minute can make your fixing process difficult, as it gets hard before you complete applying.

  • Dry Color

The glue that dries clear and transparent, instead of yellowish, is a nice choice to avoid looking at your car a century old. Even this glue prevents repainting the car after healing its bumper. 

How To Fix Car bumper Crack With Glue?

So, now you are ready with your glue to fix the plastic bumper back together. There is no hard/fixed rule to do the job. It’s a simple DIY task that you can perform alone without others’ help. 

Get ready the cracked bumper by applying duct tape. Now insert the glue to fill the bumper’s cracking space. Attach painter’s tape and wait 5 minutes to hard the glue. Remove the tape and leave the car for 24 hours to permanently heal. 

Project Overview

  • Estimated Cost: $30-$50
  • Required Time: 10-15 minutes 
  • Required Skill:  Beginner 

You’ll Need

  • A pair of hand gloves
  • Duct tape
  • Painters tape
  • A small plastic cup 
  • A putty knife
  • Glue


  1. Properly align your car’s cracked bumpers with its trim. 
  2. Holding them as close as possible, attach painter’s tape to the trim and bumper to avoid messing the car. 
  3. Wear your hand gloves and mix the adhesive and hardener in the plastic cup. 
  4. Generally, apply the adhesive with the putty knife inside the seam.
  5. After that, instantly attach the duck tape by keeping the seam together in its factory position. Refrain from over-tightening or over-loosening to look at the original. 
  6. If you need to give pressure for this, use a few pieces of wood as a clump. 
  7. Within 10-15 minutes, the glue will be set. So, remove the duct tape to avoid leaving any sticky residue on your car’s paint. 
  8. After 1-2 hours, remove the painter’s tape and leave the car for 12-24 hours for permanent bonding. 

Would you like to have the visual? Here’s the video. 

Can You Use Gorilla Glue On The Plastic Bumper?

The Gorilla super glue gel formula is excellent for using plastic car bumpers, metal, or rubber. Its thickened texture is great to fix cracked or broken vertical surfaces. If you really want to know about the glue, you can check it. Here I have separately written a solo review about this glue, its pros,  and cons. 

Fix & Glisten The Car Bumper Like a New

Applying the best glue for plastic car bumpers is the ultimate solution to rejuvenate your car instead of replacing it. Just, you should clean the space before the glue application to get 100% output. 

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